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Neil Ross returns to the GCRN to talk about his new book Vocal Recall A Life in Radio and Voiceovers. TFG1Mike and Steve Megatron sit down with Neil to explore the reasons why he decided to write the book, and reflecting on the life he’s led. They ask him about his days in radio as well as the voiceover business. This is an interview you won’t want to miss. Plus you should really grab Vocal Recall… it’s a wonderful read, and the audio book provides a listening experience unlike any other.


This was an interesting chat for TFG1Mike. He sits down with Joe Sanfelippo of Afterbuzz TV. Joe is not just a host on multiple AfterBuzz TV podcasts, he’s also one of the awesome promo guys in Hollywood! Listen in as Mike asks Joe about his life, voice and acting career, as well as the AfterBuzz TV podcasts. They also have a discussion on The Americans and The Blacklist!  


In the first ever Pixels In The Animation interview TV’s Mr. Neil and TFG1Mike chat with Garry Chalk. We talk to Mr. Chalk about what he’s currently doing, and then we jump in the waybac machine to ask him about his time on Captain N The Game Master and Mega Man. 



In the latest GCRN interview we jump back into Transformers, and voice acting. This time around Steve Megatron and TFG1Mike chat with Starscream’s Daughter Abby Collins Cluster. Join us to hear how Abby found her own voice. 


Loren Lester Returns. We catch up with Loren, and grill him about being a SURPRISE GUEST at the 21 Years of BTAS SDCC Comic Con Panel at this year’s convention. We also find out what Loren has going on these days. 


In this latest GeekCast Radio Interview, TFG1Mike and Steve/Megatron sit down with Brian T. Stevenson of Spy Monkey Creations, and a nebie in the voice acting world. We talk about Brian’s life, career, building toys, breaking into voice acting, and so much more. 


In this latest interview on All Things Transformers TFG1Mike and PecanCtMichael chat with Sumalee Montano. yes that’s right the voice of Arcee in Transformers Prime, and Katana in the upcoming Beware The Batman! We chat about many things, from how she became a actor, to traveling the world, and so much more. She even has an awesome Frank Welker and Peter Cullen voice session story. One that I doubt many have heard before. So tune in as we chat with the kickass fembot Arcee!!!!

In this GeekCast Radio Interview, TFG1Mike sits down with the cast of the wildly popular internet video series, Space Guys In Space. They talk about the show, and so much more. Cast includes Nicole Pacent, Dave Levine, and Jason Marsden. Yeah Humanity is screwed.

In the first Roll To The Rescue Bots interview, PecanCtMichael talks with Imari Williams. TFG1Mike interjects every now and then, but this is essentially Michael Wilson’s interview. We talk about Imari’s being a slight newbie in Voice Acting, TRansformers Rescue Bots, Kevin Michael Richardson stories, Steve Blum stories, and so much more. Towards the end of the interview we just ended up talking with Imari. Tangents are good people! So check out this first Roll To The Rescue Bots interview, brought to you by All Things Transformers.