Transformation Animation

  • TAP – Episode 20

    So we have re-disposed of the Decepticon’s exit our heroes through the front door stage right! In Episode 20 of…

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  • TAP – Episode 19

    Almanacs you say? That’s right in the second to last episode of TAP we cover both volumes of the Transformers…

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  • TAP – Episode 18

    In Episode 18 PecanCtMichael, Spada The Baltmatrix, and TFG1Mike talk about the TFA Toys that were never released here in…

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  • TAP – Episode 17

    Even though the TFA Toyline has been dead for while, we here on TAP HAD to talk about the toys.…

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  • TAP – Episode 16

    And… Here… We… Go! In Episode 16 OptimusSolo returns from Cybertron as the fearless foursome of TF Podcasters recap Season…

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  • TAP – Episode 15

    Episode 15 is upon us. This is the end of Transformers Animated Season 3. As we find out why Fanzone…

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  • TAP – Episode 14

    Please EXCUSE US as we had the ghost of starscream-inator haunting us during this episode. Plagued with audio technical difficulties…

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  • TAP – Episode 13

    In Episode 13 of TAP there is no shortage of really bad innuendo. The dark humor is at an all…

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  • TAP – Episode 12

    The guys sit down and discuss the premiere of Transformers Animated  Season 3 in the Three Parter Transwarped. Quite possibly one of…

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  • TAP – Episode 11

    Here’s the Season 2 Transformers Animated recap!! Join the four hosts as they tell you what they liked, hated, and…

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