An Introduction to The Transformers Spotlights

Spotlight On: The Transformers Spotlights


An Introduction to The Transformers Spotlights

Starting at the end of August and running through September 2013 I’ll be bringing you five weeks of Transformers Spotlight comics mini reviews, but first I thought I’d give you the reader some insight on why I’m a Transformers fan. 

TFG1 Reformatted RED #1

I’ve loved Transformers since 1984. Over the last let us say five years, I’ve become a fan of most Transformers incarnations. Whether that be cartoons, books, music, and *cough* the films. Yes I was one of those kids that balled their eyes out when Optimus Prime died in 1986, horryified when he returned as a zombie in Season 3, and rejoiced when he made his final return at the end of Season 3. I was also one of those few kids who actually liked Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime. I dunno why but it was three simple words that made be really like Rodimus back then. “Arise Rodimus Prime” Sure throughout the entire movie  most people looking at it now could see that coming a mile away. However in 1986 there was just something magical about it. Hell in 2008 G1 was my jumping off point when getting into podcasting!


Over time I have become a huge Beast Wars and Beast Machines fan. The funny thing is I started with Beast Machines as an adult, and grew to love that. I’ve gone back several times and watched Beast Wars, and I do really love the series. Appreciate the humor in Beast Wars, and the connections it made to G1. Again there was a podcast series just for the Beast Era.

The Unicron Triogy doesn’t fucking exist, sorry!


TF Animated… here was a series I was most skeptical about at first. Mainly because of the animation style, and the fact that Cartoon Network constantly screwed the new episodes airtimes. Once again over time I grew to appreciate this series for what it is. Plus the Shockwave “true colors” thing was one of the best moments of the series. Once again there was a podcast all about this series…. are you noticing a pattern here? I podcast about stuff I really enjoy!

The films… they are ok… I did enjoy the first film, even though  can’t stand Shia LeBitch as an actor. The second film for the most part is a flaming pile of dog crap, with one saving grace in my mind. Kevin Michael Richardson is the voice of the Prime that talks to Sam. The third film I quite enjoyed because well the Fux wasn’t there. <— Yes you read that right. My main issue with the third film is that at the end of ROTF they gave Sam a ton of character development. To only have it taken away at the beginning of DOTM, and then given back to him at the end of that film. Sooo glad TF4 will not have his lame ass acting “skills” in it.

You can also catch more of my general opinions on Transformers in Steve/Megatron’s All Things Transformers.

I’m not currently watching Transformers Rescue Bots, so that judgment will have to wait until another day.

TF Prime Time Image

Now I’m loving Transformers: Prime. I know some people may just think it’s Transformers: Fine (you know who you are), and they are entitled to that, but I love it for the in depth storytelling that the series has used. Yes there are plenty of recycled plot elements, like Transforming zombies, but still I enjoy this series very much. Prime does retain some movie designs, but as it stands it is a series all its own, that has very little to do with the movies. (Thankfully)

OK now that we have allll that outta the way… Here’s the reason for this “introduction” I thought I could get into the Transformers Spotlights, without having to read what came before each of them. I thought that they were stories highlighting and giving us a taste for each character. Apparently I was severely mistaken. Instead of just picking my favorite characters and giving mini reviews on them, I’ll be doing mini reviews on each of the 31 spotlights. This will spread out over a 5 week period coming in late August 2013.

These will be done in order of comic release.

Week 1’s Post will include:



Hot Rod


Ultra Magnus


Week 2’s Post will include:



Optimus Prime




Week 3’s Post will include:







Week 4’s Post will include:








Week 5’s Post will include:

Orion Pax






Those are all the spotlights we have at this moment. I wish there was more. With these being mini reviews, they will just give you the reader a taste of what to expect in these issues. These will be non spoiler reviews, and you can expect a full in depth spoiler type review series coming in The Pull Bag eventually. I’ll be enlisting Ender to help me with these in The Pull Bag episodes. So transform and rollout, and I’ll seeya back here next month!


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