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For the Week of 10/21/2020

Welcome to the Best Comic Covers of the week. I try to just look at story when it comes to these covers but this week a few times I let nostalgia take over. Hey, I am human. Overall though another solid week that makes you happy to be a comics fan.

With that said let’s take a look at this week’s choices.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #110

Cover By: Ben Bates

I come from the generation where nostalgia tends to be everything. Due to that, I try to avoid using it to justify the inclusion of anything on a list like this. Still, I cannot lie seeing this cover of the Turtles in sewers does bring back a lot of great childhood memories. I am not fully sure why Michelago looks to be training in the background and is in the sewer as well, I doubt it is an error.  As I am not currently reading this book I am willing to bet there is something I am missing. The bottom line is what this lacks in story it makes up for in iconic coolness. 



Gideon Falls #26

Cover By: Andrea Sorrentino

As Gideon Falls nears its end Andrea Sorrentino is still bringing it with these covers. His ability to continue this face motif since the first issue has something special to witness. Now we are seeing the Smiling Man take over the covers as it nears the end. Colors are a big part of what makes this cover. That blood-soaked red playing against the black is haunting imagery. Who would have thought a smile would be a gesture you could use to elicit fear. If smiles don’t do it you also have a roach to add in the icky factor. Great artists do not forget the importance of the icky factor. 


Catwoman #26

Cover By: Jenny Frison

These character poster covers are ones I tend to stay away from when constructing this list. As always I lam looking for story. What this lacks in story it does make up for in character. If someone were to look at this who never knew anything about Catwoman they would get a good sense of who she is as person. Jenny Frison draws her with quiet but apparent confidence. How she uses her obvious sexuality for her advantage, and how her slyness causes her to live within the lines of society. Often these covers are just about looking cool so I appreciate this one does that and a whole lot more. 


Shadow Service #3

Cover By: Corin Howell

What stands out with this cover is how it condenses so much in a more confined space. Using symbology to construct this image that combines the heavily with the demonic. Right in the center of it all is Gina with a determined look on her. She has not been the most intense character so that alone shows something different is occurring. Looks like she has taken on this challenge despite all the forces that are surrounding her despite the cost. There is a level of seriousness to this cover that is a bit different than the previous two issues. 



Venom #29

Cover By: Ken Lashley

The amount of variant covers this series has for each issue is getting a bit out of hand. I am surprised they are able to find new ways to put Venom on the cover. One way is to interact with the cover itself by shooting a hole right in front of it. This does make you wonder who exactly has the amount of firepower to make that work, and is one way to grab someone’s attention when it is on the shelf. Plus unlike the other variants for Venom, this does tie into the story that is going on currently. That is why I choose it over the many other choices. 



Dune: House Atreides #1

Cover By: Jae Lee

Dune has been something I simply could never get into. To fully understand the machinations of everything within Dune you seem to need a number of college-level courses to breakdown the social/economical structure of all myriads of planets. This cover makes me think it might actually be worth it. It starts with a well-designed image that shows you do not need to use all the space on a page to make a cover work. This reminds of posters of past science fiction epics that provide a glimpse into the world you are about to enter. Who these people are is not fully clear but their presence on the page brings with it a level of importance. 

Batman: White Knight Presents: Harley Quinn #1

Cover By: Sean Murphy 

It is rare for a comic creator to have so much control over a world within the DC universe. Really only Tom Taylor and Sean Murphy can make that claim currently. Being the artist as well Murphy can take that control to the next level. Heck, he even does the covers. Similar to the Catwoman cover, this gives you a sense of who Harley Quinn is as a character in this universe. Clearly, her past is still with her but she is trying to break from that world to create a new life for herself. This conveys that struggle. She is often in between the worlds of Batman and Joker and even as a changed woman she may not be able to escape that fate. 

Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter Of Blood #1

Cover By: Jill Thompson 

You have to love that Edgar Allan Poe can still reinvent himself after all these years of being dead. This is just tongue in cheek fun. With this being Edgar Allen Poe related that tongue is probably being tortured. Although I’m sure that torture is described in the most elegant of fashion. Juxtaposition is a good way to grab attention with a cover. Here that is accomplished by taking what you know about a person and fully playing against that concept. Poe is more known for being a meek introvert who lurks in the shadows where this makes him look like a combination of James Dean meets Jame Bond after joining the Hells Angels. That alone makes this book appear it is worth your time. 

Stillwater #2

Cover By: Ramón Pérez

Stillwater #1 came out before I did this list and I really enjoyed that cover. Now #2 continues that trend. I am not fully sure what is going on here with this image. Some may look at a lack of clarity as a negative and usually that is the case. What I take from this cover is that Ramón Pérez is attempting to establish a sense of atmosphere. How that white outlined face lays on the page to make you feel like you are seeing things that are not really there. You have this judge like figure holding a gavel dripping in the blood causing this endless stream that flows towards you The word ominous was made for a cover like this. 



Iron Man #2

Cover By: Alex Ross

This is another cover that does not have a great deal of story. You could pretty much put this cover in front of an Iron Man comic and it would work. I am just a sucker for the classic Iron Man armor. Nostalgia is no doubt a major fact yet again. There is just a physicality to it that you do not get with the sleeker designs. Love the added detail of smoke as well.  That along with the stance makes it appear like Tony Stark was attacked and he is gearing up to fire back. Alex Ross is killing it with the Immortal Hulk and Captain America covers and with Hulk nearing its end I hope he brings some more of his creative side to this series as well. 

The Scumbag #1 

Cover By: Lewis LaRosa

Before I ever open the page to this comic I feel I have a complete sense of this character. That is a good thing. That facial hair alone is enough to tell you this is a guy who thinks far too highly of himself. When you combine that with the snaggly gold tooth and a cigarette dangling out of the mouth you know this is the type of guy with a novelty license plate design to call out his own personal awesomeness. Knowing he is the person the world will depend on is frightening but more importantly extremely compelling. This cover alone led me to add this to my pull. Well, that and the creative team. 


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