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Masters Of The Universe #1 Origin Of He-Man

Origin Of He-Man #1

With the new monthly ongoing series starting in April 2013, I decided to jump into some recent DC MOTU comics. I grabbed the 6 issue miniseries from last year, and this The Origin of He-Man. Very awesome read, and it’s got me pumped for the new DC Comics ongoing.


Written by: 

Joshua Hale Fialkov

Art by: 

Ben Oliver

Cover by: 

Ben Oliver



Page Count: 


U.S. Price: 


On Sale Date: 

Jan 30 2013


Learn how Prince Adam first harnessed the Power of Grayskull

Witness the first battle between He-Man and Skeletor!


What Works: I freakin love this one shot. The story is well written, and the art is amazing!!!! Thumbing through the book for just the art you will see powerful colors and more of a matte finish to the pages. It is like the story explodes off the pages. I love the look and feel of the designs and the writing, for the most part is impecable!  It tells of how Adam’s destiny to become He-Man, and the story does that very well.


Favorite Line: “The end of the world stands at the gate, and only you Prince Adam, son of King Randor, descendant of King Grayskull, nephew of…. maybe you aren’t quite ready for that yet.”

What Doesn’t Work: There isn’t much that doesn’t work in the book. There are a few lines of dialouge that Adam says, that had me sratching my head, but overall this is an amazing book. The way the story starts kinda threw me for a loop though, because it starts in the future and goes back to the past. Kind of like how cartoons and TV shows start of with a prologue set at one time, then they rewind 36 hours earlier, three days before, etc. however even those minor issues did not take away from my enjoyment of this.

Final Thoughts:

I bought this thinking that there would be more. Or thinking that it was a lead into the new monthly ongoing coming up in April. However just as a one shot as stated before, I freaking love this book!!!!! Any MOTU fan should read this!!!!

Comic Rankings:

Story: 9/10

Art/Colors: 10/10

Overall Score: 10/10


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