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Comic Review:


Transformers: Prime RAGE OF THE DINOBOTS

TF Prime Rage Of The Dinobots continues the aligned Transformers continuity with merging Fall Of Cybertron and Transformers Prime! This four issue mini series RAGE OF THE DINOBOTS tells the story of a dying Cybertron AFTER Optimus and Megatron left the planet. 

Oh hell yeah, I saw this, had to track the first two issues down, and then got issues 3 and 4. This is my first journey into Transformers comics ever. AND WOW was it good. Let us start by getting the general info outta the way:


All four issues are the same:

Writer(s) Mike Johnson & Mairghread Scott

Artist(s) Agustin Padilla

Transformers - Prime Rage of the Dinobots 01 (of 04) (2012) (digital-Empire) 001

Issue #1


Bridging the story from the Fall of Cybertron video game to the Prime TV show—the DINOBOTS hold the line as CYBERTRON falls! With OPTIMUS PRIME and the Ark long gone, the rest of the population makes their escape from the dying world—but SHOCKWAVE remains behind, continuing his experiments!


Transformers - Prime Rage of the Dinobots 01 (of 04) (2012) (digital-Empire) 019

The fact that Hasbro is allowing people to write NEW stories after the general G1 story we know is awesome!!! I love how they wrote in the creation of the Dinobots on Cybertron. I think because for the most part I’m used to the Dinobots using “dumb” speak, that when they seem to talk normal it kinda is weird to me. And part of the writing is that they go between regular and dumb speak. I also found that the other Dinobots calling Grimlock “Grim” a little strange. However the writing is great other then those nitpicks. I love the fact that we are concentrating on the Dinobots and telling an amazing story. The fact that there is a pocket of Decepticons that have separated themselves. They are Shockwave’s disciples and they are the Forge. I think that is an interesting name for the minions of Shockwave. I love the quips, funny lines, and arguments between all the Dinobots and Ultra Magnus. The writing is top notch.


Transformers - Prime Rage of the Dinobots 01 (of 04) (2012) (digital-Empire) 020

The art, colors, lettering, shading, everything in this first issue was amazing!!!! I love the design of the Dinobots, the design of the Forge minions, the backgrounds are all great. I’ve always been more of a fan of Swoop being blue not red, but because this bridges Fall Of Cybertron to TF Prime, I’m ok with Swoop’s design.

Transformers - Prime Rage of the Dinobots 02 (of 04) (2013) (digital-Empire) 001

Issue #2


CYBERTRON FALLING! As their world collapses around them, the DINOBOTS battle SHOCKWAVE’s forces to protect the fleeing Cybertronians! SWOOP’s life hangs in the balance—his teammates fight to save him, but will he succumb to evil? The answer may not be what you expect!


Transformers - Prime Rage of the Dinobots 02 (of 04) (2013) (digital-Empire) 013

Once again the writing is amazing. I love the continuation between the first issue and this the second issue. We see more of the inner thoughts of Grimlock and more. The basic plot of this issue is that Grimlock and the other Dinobots search, find, and attempt to rescue Swoop and Ultra Magnus. I do really enjoy the dynamic of how the Dinobots used to be intelligent, until Shockwave experimented on them. I think that’s an excellent way to tell their story. The fact that should they become BEASTS or stay intellectual, or a combination of both. I honestly, after reading this issue like the combination of the Dinobots having smarts and strength. After they break Magnus out, he is sooo the badass with his fighting style. Guns blazing, it’s an amazing look for him. The issue ends with the Dinobots Vs Swoop!


Transformers - Prime Rage of the Dinobots 02 (of 04) (2013) (digital-Empire) 024

Once again I’m loving the art, and designs in this 4 issue series. Just the way the backgrounds continue to be amazing, and the way the Dinobots are highlighted. It is very awesome. they each have their own unique design, yet they are all designs we know from the G1 cartoon. I love that homage.

Transformers - Prime Rage of the Dinobots 03 (of 04) (2013) (digital-Empire) 001

Issue #3


SPAWNS OF SHOCKWAVE! The mind-blowing introduction of the DINOBOTS into the PRIME universe continues here! The Dinobots enter the belly of the beast in an attempt to save their comrades. But when SHOCKWAVE’s minions turn the tables, GRIMLOCK will have to decide whether to beat them…or join


Transformers - Prime Rage of the Dinobots 03 (of 04) (2013) (digital-Empire) 011

Issue 2 and 3 are really the Dinobots Vs Ser-Ket and Swoop. The entire issue it’s a giant battle to save Swoop. It is also focussing on Grimlock and whether he can fight the urge to “become his true self” The whole plan was to make the Dinobots into mindless beasts. As I stated above I love the fact that when the Dinos were created they were intelligent. Whereas in the G1 cartoon they were kinda dimwitted. Because in G1 that’s how Chip and Spike explained to the autobots about Dinosaurs. Swoop and Snarl were and have always been my favorite Dinobots, besides Grimlock, and I love Swoop fighting back, and getting revenge for himself on Ser-ket. The issue ends with a shadowy figure, with a glowing eye!


Transformers - Prime Rage of the Dinobots 03 (of 04) (2013) (digital-Empire) 020

Once again, the art, effects, gunnfire, all that stuff is awesome in this. With how the appearance of Shockwave was at the end of the issue, I thought that Agustin did an amazing job in the eye effect. I also loved whjen Swoop broke free and we see him flying at Ser-ket.

Transformers - Prime Rage of the Dinobots 04 (of 04) (2013) (digital-Empire) 001

Issue #4


DINOBOT WAR! GRIMLOCK leads the DINOBOTS against SHOCKWAVE’s troops—and the results won’t be pretty! With SWOOP under SER-KET’s control, it’s an all-or-nothing battle of DINOBOT versus PREDACON—with the fate of CYBERTRON hanging on every punch, blast, jab, and bite! Don’t miss the senses-shattering conclusion to this mind-blowing miniseries!


Transformers - Prime Rage of the Dinobots 04 (of 04) (2013) (digital-Empire) 011

And now Enter the Shockwave! This is it! The conclusion to the mini series. The Dinobots vs Shockwave, how freakin awesome is that!? Because of Shockwave showing up at the end of the last issue, the Dinobots and Ultra Magnus are recaptured. Well all except Grimlock…. Even though I had a few issues getting used to the dialogue between the autobots and dinobots in the first issue of this series, I have to say that Johnson and Scott are an amazing writing team. They bring these characters to life, like I’ve never read them before. The writing is so damn good, with Shockwave attempting to make Grimlock a slave. Shockwave also underestimates the strength and intelligence of the other Dinobots. Damn I love this story…. or haven’t I mentioned that enough?


Transformers - Prime Rage of the Dinobots 04 (of 04) (2013) (digital-Empire) 024

I can’t wait to see what other designs we’ll get in the upcoming Beast Hunters ongoing series. The art in these 4 issues was amazing. If you LOVE the Dinobots, and the way they looked in the Fall Of Cybertron game, you will love these books!!!

Transformers - Prime Rage of the Dinobots 04 (of 04) (2013) (digital-Empire) 025


I read this mini series twice! TWICE! it is that good!!! The character development given to the Dinobots is amazing. This series is a MUST get for any FOC or TF Prime fans!!!!  As I said before it did take some getting used to for me on the Dinos dialogue, but that was a small issue that didn’t take away fro the sheer enjoyment I got from reading this mini series!!!

Mini Series Ratings:

Story: 10/10

Art:  10/10

Overall: 10/10



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