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Batman: Year One

I’ve liked most of the DC Universe Animated Original Movies….. 

When I saw the voice cast news item for this film I was really excited! Especially Since Eliza Dushku was gonna be Catwmoan! After getting the film through iTunes and being jibbed outta seeing the Catwoman short I wasn’t in a great mood. I did however go into this movie with an open mind. The Anime-ish style was way better then what they did in Batman: Gotham Knight. This asically tells the story of how Bruce Wayne eventually becomes Batman. Although this movie also tells the story of James Gordon, and the corruption that is in the Gotham Police Department. Honestly I feel that this is more Gordon’s story than it is Batman’s story. There there are great fight scenes with Bruce before he becomes Batman. However after becoming Batman there’s hardly anything to do with him. I get that Batman is a stick to the shadows character and all. This movie to me just doesn’t feel like a true Batman Story. Yes I have NEVER read the comic this is based on, so my thoughts here are solely coming from just watching this film.

As I said before the voice cast in this is awesome. Except for Ben McKenzie, he is no Batman. I hardly even believe him as Bruce Wayne. I understand Kevin Conroy will not always be Batman, but anyone else would have suited the role much better. I know McKenzie is great in the TNT series Southland, and I loved him as Ryan Atwood in The O.C. However Batman he is not. Other voices in this to note are: Bryan Cranston as Gordon, people will know him from Breaking Bad and Malcolm In The Middle. Katee Sackhoff, Steven Blum, Jeff Bennett are also voices in the film.

In closing I do really like the trick with the bats and the high frequency pitch, I just feel Catwoman was under used. Gordon being a badass was awesome as well. Overall I like the film, but it’s not one of the DCU Animated Films I could watch for fun. Maybe I should pick up the comic to see the full scope of this story. I will reccommend the film though it wa very well done overall.

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