Heroes In A Half Shell – GCRN’s TMNT Week

Heroes In A Half Shell:


From October 22nd through October 29th we will be holding Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Week here at The GCRN. There will be blogs, and a podcast interview, potentially more then one interview. Here are the previous TMNT topic stuff we have done.

ToonCast Classic Episode 15: TMNT 1987

MWIRE – Episode 31 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

ToyCast – Episode 87 – Cowabunga Turtle Toy Time

Let’s here from Steve and Mike why they are wanting to do a TMNT week at this time.

Steve’s Thoughts:

For me this harkens back to my Batman days. What I mean is prior to loving the Bat, I loved the TMNT. These awesome team of turtles, Krang and the Shredder have always been favorites of mine. I remember owning EVERY TMNT toy until receiving my final one the Technodrome. That being said I owned a small portion of the VHS tapes as well and loved catching it on TV and Finally the films. For me this has been another of those magical TV icons that has like Batman or Transformers surpassed all odds and stayed in the light for future generations. I just honestly am excited to be talking about the Lean Green Turtle Machines!

Mike’s Thoughts:

For me the fearless foursome represent a part of my childhood after Transformers, He-Man, Thundercats, and all that were no longer on the air. The TMNT Craze enveloped the country, and everyone wanted to have Turtle Power! I remember having the Burger King VHS tapes of the animated series, and when the movies hit… OMG! I have to go back and watch the entire 1987 cartoon, I honestly don’t remember much past Season 2. I did have a majority of the toys and loved them so much. Turtles will be forever a part of my geekdom!

There ya have it folks, exactly why we are doing a TMNT Theme week. So stay tuned, and see what we will come up with!


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TFG1Mike is a geek with many interests. He has been podcasting for over a decade, and sees no stopping point in sight. From Transformers, He-Man, Batman, Comics, movies, video games, cartoons, and so much more, Mike has a zeal for the things he loves, and he will bring the hammer down on the things that he has a disdain for. He's generally a postive person, but negativity can creep in there. Mike is all about the innuendos and innuendon'ts too. You'll hear him on many of The GCRN podcasts!


  1. I’m looking forward to TMNT week. I’m listening to the MWIRE episode since I missed it the first time. Mike is very over-modulated, and Kevin is difficult to hear at times, but it has been fun so far. Oh, and I remember when Kevin was BossKDawg and not OptimusSolo.

    1. No, a TF Week is not in the works. We have done ATTFs when they warrant being done. We have TF podcasts set to be in production in 2014. We are trying to branch outside of TF stuff. We have many more interests besides Transformers. We have spent the last three to four years talking Transformers. It’s time to give our fans NEW and other stuff that we wanna talk about.

      We covered Amazing Spider-Man on MWIRE when it came out. Iron Man has been covered multiple times with the cartoon and films already. We won’t tackle that again until may of 2013 when Iron Man 3 comes out.

  2. All i have to say about iron man 3 is the Mandarin as Ben Kingsley and I can be help to you if you do a sherlock holmes week or a james bond week or a thor week and i am saying this on thorsday (thursday),

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