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I’ll be Thirty Eight in two months.   For the past year, I’ve been using the 37 gimmick.  You can check that out over on my podcast, Hunnicoutcast.  Since I’ve been guesting on The Pull Bag.   I wanted to share with my fellow G.C.R.N. Staff Members/Friends/listeners/ECT.   A top 37 Comic Book/Graphic Novel list.   This is a mix of graphic novels, and publications.  Some of my picks, are on comixology.   Some are not, but are easy to find.   And are reasonably priced.  Also this is not a review series.   Some have already been reviewed, on the comic review section. So without further adieu  let’s begin.

37-  Watchmen D.C. Comics


In an alternate 1980’s, The Doomsday clock is ticking.   And an dysfunctional super hero team.  Must find a killer, who murdered their former teammate.   Another chilling tale from Alan More.  Even more chilling is that, the movie didn’t suck.  Stay tuned for my full review in ’16.

36 – Sex Criminals Image Comics


Image Comics, has become my new favorite distributor.  Sex Criminals, deals with Orgasm as an weapon.   Apparently when a couple has sex.  Their orgasms combined can stop time.   There’s also these Matrix-esque agents, in the mix.   But they don’t fit in.   Not for the kiddies, but for  the older crowd.  It’s  worth a read.   Especially for those who are more curious about their orgasms.

35 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mirage Comics


This is the comic that started it all.   At the time it was considered an underground comic.   What with the kid tested mother approved T.V. show.   The point was, you wanted to see Leo use his blade.   And Shredder not be the clown he was on T.V. then this was the comic for you.  Black and White, broad taking no prisoners.   The Mirage comics have been reprinted into Ultimate Editions.   You’ll even get the micro series to boot, Cowabunga!

34 – Cavewoman Basement Comics


Courtesy of Basement comics.   It deals with a little girl, named Merriam.  And her grandfathers time machine.   After sending them back to The Jurassic period.   As well as turning little Merriam, into a buff Cavewoman.  With psychic and healing powers no less.   She spends her time running around, with her pet Gorilla and T-Rex. Occasionally she’ll run through the jungle naked and free.   Sometimes the time machine will malfunction and bring the present into the past.   A good portion of the time, she’ll end up on the menu.   Whether it’s vampires, dinosaurs, cannibalistic witches, or a bridge troll.   It’s another one not meant for the kiddies.

33 – Tales From The Crypt/Haunt of Fear/Vault of Horror E.C. Comics


This three way tie, comes from the mind of E.C. Comics.   Taking horror tales and adding some gruesome images. The horror comics of the late 40’s – 50’s were awesome sauce.   Unfortunately after the novel Seduction of the Innocent reared its ugly head.   Lots of horror writers and artists were out of work.   Its creator re-imaged E.C. into Mad Magazine.   And in the late 70’s the comics were re printed.  Not to mention in the late 80’s they found new life on HBO.   And let’s not forget A.B.C.’s Saturday morning’s Tales From the Crypt Keeper.   And that C.B.S. game show, you know what?  Let’s forget that last one.

32 – Proof Image Comics

download (1)

It’s kind of sort of, an X-Files knock off.   An F.B.I. agent is partnered with Bigfoot.   They go on adventures regarding The Loch Ness Monster, and other Cryptozoology creatures.   It’s another lost treasure, courtesy of Image Comics.

31 – He-Man and The Masters of The Universe D.C. 2012 Series


Sometime in 2002, Cartoon Network re-booted the series.   For some idiotic reason it got cancelled.   But in 2012, D.C. comics re-booted the comic series.   Thankfully it’s still going strong.   There have been a few jump the shark moments.   Like the D.C. Masters of the Universe Crossover.   Still, worth your time.   Plus no more of those P.S.A.’s of the 80’s what more could you want?

30 – Elseworlds Speeding Bullets D.C. Comics


Elseworlds was to D.C. what What If comics were to Marvel.   This graphic novel dealt with the last son of Krypton.   Landing in Gotham, that rights kids.   Superman and Batman are the same.   Oh and Luther is the Joker.   I’ll be reviewing this book on HunnicOutcast this April.   Smiles all around, people.

29 – Red Son of Krypton – D.C. Comics


Another great What If scenario.   As in what if, the last sun of Krypton landed in communist Russia.   It does have an “satisfactory,” ending.   Something I will not give away here.   The point is, Superman doesn’t become a supervillain. But it was interesting to see him, as a communist.  Instead of a villain, as we’ve seen several times over.   In other alternate story-lines.

28 – STAR COMICS – Marvel Comics


In the 80’s STAR Comic Magazine’s showcased Muppet Babies, ALF, Care Bares.   There was even a He – Man and The Masters of the Universe series.  It wasn’t a bad series either.   You can find some of the issues, on Ebay.   Or you local comic book store has reprints now and then.   They do age well (if you can find one), and could be handed off to your six – eight year old.

27 – Batman ’66 D.C. Comics


I am a huge fan of Batman’66.   So imagine to my joy-gasm, when we got a ’66 Comic Book series.   What’s great is that it hasn’t slowed down yet.   We even got a King Tut issue/s.   I suggest to purchase the trades.   The series is highly addictive.   So grab your fondue set and enjoy.

26 – Gotham City Sirens D.C. Comics


Harley, Catwoman, and Ivy join forces.   I’m sold, and what made it work was the chemistry between the trio.   Alone, they never worked for me.   In comic book form anyway.   The other reason why I enjoyed it, was an interesting issue.   It dealt with Harley attempting to patch things up with her family during the holidays.   I’m not going to give it away.   It’s bittersweet, but it does dive into the whole Ivy/Harley relationship.

25 – Scooby Doo Team Up D.C. Comics

download (1)

In the 70’s we had the New Scooby Doo Movies.  Batman and Robin guest stared now and then.   This series, gives us Scarecrow, Batmite, even the Flintstones.   I’ve already reviewed the series.  It’s a great gift for a six – eight year old.  And makes a great substitute for literature at the Pediatrics office.

24 – Mars Attacks Series IDW

download (2)

This is why I love IDW.   They understand nostalgia, and respect it.  The Mars Attacks series has better writing than the 90’s movie.   They even issued, crossover one shots.   Pitting them up against, Popeye, KISS, 80’s Transformers, and The Real Ghostbusters.   Popeye and Transformers were the best.   I also like the setup of the Martian invasion in this series.

23 – Bitch Planet Image Comics


This plays homage to ’70’s Grindhouse films.   Taking place in a futuristic society (isn’t it always)?  Female convicts fight for  survival.  It can get a little long in the tooth.   And may not last long.  Still, give it a try.

22 – The Walking Dead Image Comics

download (3)

This black and white beauty, is another question about survival.   Taking place in Atlanta, GA.  Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes leads, a rag tag bunch of misfits.   Fighting the undead (known as walkers), as well as other survivors.   The questions are cut and dry.   What would you do to survive.   During the end of the world?   The series has gotten long in the tooth, as well as the T.V. show.   But it still had some great arcs.

21- Marvel Star Wars (2015)

download (4)

What can one say?   Other than the story takes place after Episode IV.   Right before Episode V, the artwork also makes the characters looks ageless.  All in all, it’s nice to see Vader back in the mix.  And with a special Darth Vader One Shot where he’s in Jabba’s Place standing under the trap door of the Rancor Pit.  I say bring it on.

20 – Star Trek/Planet of The Apes Crossover – IDW


It’s a madhouse, or the smartest crossover ever.   The Klingon’s, Apes, and Starship Enterprise.   The artwork makes it feel like it’s an lost Star Trek Episode.   Since there was a Planet of the Apes T.V. series.  And T.V. movies years and years ago.  “Sigh,”  if only the powers that be.   Would’ve allowed a crossover, in the late ’60’s/’70’s.  Or the plot to Star Trek V or Generations.   Whatever floats your boat.

19 – Married With Children – Now Comics


You heard that right, A Married with Children Comic.   Sometime in the ’90’s, several issues were published.   I’m not sure if these were episodes that were rejected.   So to make the writers happy, they were marketed into comics?   You can find a issue here and there on the inter-web.   I still wish IDW would work on a five issue mini series though.

18 – AfterLife with Archie – Archie Comics


A tad smarter than The Walking Dead, if that makes sense.   After Jughead’s beloved pet Hotdog is run down.   Sabrina The Teenage witch tries to bring him back.   Instead the dead are raised.   Don’t you hate it when that  happens?   The artwork feels, like an cleaned up version of E.C. comics.   Bold and different, and worth your time.

17 – Ghostbuster/TMNT Cross Over IDW Comics


I dunno why The Ghostbusters comics aren’t doing well.  Maybe it’s their designs.   I did review the first issue.   And I wasn’t impressed with how they looked.   But I am impressed with the TMNT IDW designs/stories.   Thanks to inter-dimensional transport (what else)?  These ’80’s icons go one on one with an Japanese Spirit.   It’s only a four issue series.   But hey, it’s right up there.   When The Real Ghostbusters (the T.V. show), met Randolph Hurst, or Cthulhu.  Not to mention The Headless Horsemen.

16 – Marvel Zombies – Marvel


In the tradition of Marvel’s What If scenarios.   A space virus turns a good portion of The Marvel Universe into Zombies.   Some of their powers still work.   Some do not, but they’re hungry for human flesh.   There is a lot of tongue in cheek humor in the beginning.  Especially when Spider Man is bit.   And constantly weeps, after he can’t get the thought out of his head.  Devouring  Mary Jane and Aunt May.   The opening issues dealt with both Villain and Hero.  Fighting over food, and coming to terms with their “hunger.”   The best is when several Marv-ombies, take down Galactus.   Devour him, and leave earth with the power of the fallen G-D.   There were sequels, and a cross over with Ash from Evil Dead.  But nothing beat the first several issues.

15 – Army of Darkness Comics – Dark Horse Comics


Speaking of Army of Darkness.  Ash had his own comic series.  Sealing his destiny with Deadites.   Occasionally fighting Freddy and Jason.   Also appearing in a Xena Warrior Princess crossover.   The series didn’t offer a sequel per say.   But at lest we got Ash, immortalized in comic book form.

14 – Scrooge McDuck Comics -Disney


If you grew up with Ducktales…Who Hoo.   Then you should get your hands on the comics.   They’re deep and can’t be finished in minutes.   The best is the trade paperback.   The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck.   Here we see how young Scrooge proved to be smarter than the smarties.   And tougher than the toughies.   The stories are worth their weight in gold.

13 – Arkham Living Hell – D.C. Comics


So I says to myself I says.   What should unlucky thirteen be?   Well Arkham Living Hell comes to mind.   After Warren White, an personal investor screws Gotham.  And most of America out of millions.  An vengeful Gotham Judge.  Has no problem to allow the insanity plea.   Sending Warren White to Arkham.   Treated like “the new fish.”   He’s tormented by Joker, Riddler, Two Face, and Scarecrow.   Eventually new character Humpty Dumpty.   An idiot savant, who is good, at “fixing,” things.   Takes sympathy and decides to take Warren under his wing.   Eventually, Warren’s sanity depletes.  And well, you know what read the book.  After all it’s always interesting to see the going’s on at Arkham.

12 – Hellboy – Dark Horse Comics


OHHHHH HELLLL’S YEAH, again what can I say.   You take some H.P. Lovecraft, blue color workers.   Not to mention a dash of X-Files.   And you got one of the best ’90’s comic book ideas ever.   Of course Ron Pearlman portraying the character in the ’04 and ’08 series wasn’t too shabby.   Not to mention, the animated home media film.

11 – God hates Astronauts – Image Comics


Ok, how does one explain the series?   You don’t, it’s just a creative cartoonist.  Who has a lot of time and imagination on his hands.   Giving us a unbaked pop culture cake.   Five superhumans who have no concept of reality.   Are hired by NASA to stop redneck scientists.  Now and then, you’ll get talking animals.   Dr. Prof, the heroes Doctor and in-house Rhino.   Admiral Tiger Eating a Cheeseburger, who is a bumbling space captain.  It’s like witnessing a coma dream.  And no buyers remorse to boot.

10 – Arkham A Serious House On Serious Earth – D.C. Comics


Imagine if the Dark Knight wasn’t in complete control.   This is the one of the smartest graphic novel ever.   Joker has taken the Arkham Staff Hostage.   So Batman must walk through the corridors.   Along the way, we’ll get the origin of Amadeus Arkham.   Batman seeing a side of the rogue gallery.   A side that he never thought.   He or we would see. Why this isn’t a haunted house attraction?  Oh, and we kind of/sort of, see Two-Face cured.   Better than how he tried to “cure,” himself in the animated series.

9 – Death in the Family – D.C. Comics


Really?   Jason Todd was that hated?  Well, this has always been a hot button.   Fifty percent of the Batman fans thought it was Dick Greyson.   Fifty percent were ok to see the second Robin go.   He didn’t go without a fight. Granted Jason had a attitude.   Fans were given a 900 number to determine his fate.   There have also been rumors, that the votes were fixed.   A fixed election?   GASP!   Whatever the case, it was the sickest we saw Joker.  Little would we know he’d top himself.  As for Jason?  Well comic book characters don’t die.  Meaning if they die, they are either cloned.  Or their deaths faked.  What does that have to do with Jason?   Another topic for another time.

8 – Death of the Family – D.C. Comics


Talk about a complete and total Joker mind F*&^.   Thanks to Scott Synder, we got just that.   Oh there were some complaints that no one died.  Instead, Joker had his face ripped off.  Only to wear it as a mask.  Tormenting the Bat-Family.  The reader  almost got The Joker’s true identity. Instead we got that “whole anti – climax Bat Cave moment.”   Felt like Nightmare on Elm Street 3.   HA HA HA HA HA.


7 – Harley Quinn The New 52 – D.C. Comics

Lucky number seven, well this character needed a makeover.   Luckily for her, she got it.   Harley Quinn (The New 52), is pure awesome sauce.   If you took Dot Warner from Animanics.    And made her human, you’d get Harley Quinn.   Forget about everything that you knew from the animated series.   This is the new, confident Harley.   Inheriting a building in Coney Island, N.Y.C.   Harley is a roller derby, princess of crime by night.   And her alter ego Dr. Harleen Quinzell.  Working for an retirement home at day.   Pop Culture references are tossed around here and there.   But she needed some self esteem, and after one bad issue.   Harley has become my new Saturday night thing.

6 – Squirrel Girl – Marvel Comics


Like Harley Quinn, it has that Looney Tunes feel.   It’s not kiddish at all.  Squirrel Girl is a college freshman.   Has a squirrel companion named Tippy Toe.   And uses Deadpool cards, to study her rogues gallery.   She handled herself well against Kraven the Hunter.   Issue two, she’ll go up against Galactus.  Remember, real Squirrel Girls have curves.

5 – Batgirl The New 52 – D.C. Comics


More girl power coming your way.  But remember, just the issues written by Gail Simone.  Granted, people were happy with Barbara Gordon being crippled.   Only because she made lemons out of lemonade.   And became the Oracle.   But she healed, and the comics weren’t disappointing.   Until Gail Simone was fired, and started to write Tomb Raider comics.  Now that was disappointing.

4 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – IDW Comics


I was really, really, really afraid to hear this was being rebooted.  Another origin about the turtles.  Why can’t we move forward?   But forty somewhat issues in, and I’m happy.   Not to mention the villain Micro Series.   You want to talk about re-booting origins?  This happens be the smartest origin to date.  And for those out there who have been living under a rock.   Or a rock in a aquarium.   I won’t give it away.   But subscribe to the The Pull Bag.  Or read the G.C.R.N. crew’s reviews.   F.Y.E. this comic series is what Bay-urtles should have been.

3 – Peanuts – Schulz


I can’t begin to tell you how close this was being Number One.   But hey, it’s in the top five spot.   It’s a comic, it’s got trade paperbacks.   I’m stoked for the upcoming movie.   I’m also relieved that the movie, is C.G.I.  And they look like the classic characters.  Where does one begin?   You’ve got a wishy washy block head.   His pet beagle, uses his doghouse for a airplane.   He’s got a interesting group of friends.   And trek out to the Charles Schulz Museum when you can.

2 – The Killing Joke – D.C. Comics


There were these two guys in an asylum.  I reviewed this on Hunnicoutcast.  Digital Drift podcast, recorded a radio drama.  This is the reason, why I wanted to study Psychology.  And got my B.A. Degree in Social Science.   Yeah Alan Moore hates comic book fans.   But I want to thank him for this experience.   Discussing, how one bad day can cause a person to crack.   Or as Joker would say, “if I do have a past.  I prefer it to be multiple choice.”  Oh, and that ending.  Say Cheese.

1 – Howard The Duck – Marvel Comics


Howard the Duck…Yeah.   So you’re either a Marvel or D.C. guy.   Now I’m Marvel, D.C., Image, and IDW guy.  Why is this is number one?  It’s my top comics list.  After a few decades. The old school series is on Comixology.   I got ’em all.  There’s some great social commentary.  Trapped in a world he never made.   Howard has a lot to say in this series.   Or until its creator was fired.   It’s being rebooted this March.  But hey what isn’t?  After his appearance in GOTG this summer. It’s only a matter of time, before he’s back on the big screen.

Some of the runners up.

The Dark Knight Returns – D.C. Comics


A graphic novel, I can’t shut up about.  D.C. fans and non know about it.  Check out The Pull bag’s review.  And mine in March  ’16.   Then the flood gates will open.

The Far Side – Larson

Far Side - Crib Snake

Again this is more of a newspaper comic.   It has trades and all.  I miss this series.  What can I say?  But Cows are funny.  As well as this rare rejected panel.

Calvin and Hobbes – Watterson


Another newspaper syndicated strip.   That had paperback trades.   I have the complete series.   As well as the documentary.   Little boy, with an active imagination.   There has been talks of a movie.  But other than the fan made trailer.   Looks like all fans will have is memories of yesteryear.

The Duck Knight Returns – Boom Studios

download (1)

You read it right.   A Darkwing Duck graphic novel.   His secret identity was discovered.  Forcing him to separate himself from Launch Pad.   And forcing to work at Qwackworks.    Gosling doesn’t become Quiver-wing Quack.   She does don a Gizmo Duck Suit.   Rumors of a new DarkWing Series are coming.   I hope there will be some sort of continuity.

Spawn – Image Comics


What can I say, other than both the Movie, and T.V. show.  Left bad tastes in fans mouths.   I’m here to clear the air. This happens to be a great series.   Anti Heroes were all the rage in the 90’s.   Man dies, not good enough for Heaven gets to be a Devil Spawn and battle both good and evil.  All while dealing with the  fact how his wife has moved on. Oh and we get a Hell Clown.   What more could you want?

The Mis – Adventures of Adam West – Blue Water Productions


Adam West feels that his life/career is over.  But when a fan sends him an amulet.   He gets to go on different adventures.   Alternate universes, such as 007, Cowboys, maybe even a Dark Knight?   Trust me, it’s pure west.

The Fein-Al Verdict

So there you have it.  My top picks, for comics and graphic novels.   I’m glad that I just didn’t pick capes.  As stated before,  Amazon, Ebay, Comixology, should be able to help you out. I also apologize, if I left any titles out.  Until then, continue to listen to The Pull Bag.  Check out the G.C.R.N.’ staff reviews.  And remember support your local comic book stores/artists/writers/publishers.

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