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It’s been one helluva ride. I’ve stated before that I started reading New 52 Nightwing at issue #15, and worked my way backwards. Well a few weeks ago it was announced that Kyle Higgins will be Nightwing No More!  Also with the April Solicits released Jan 21st, we find out that the Nightwing ongoing is ending… for now? 


FIRST OFF………..before I start my ranting…………I WANT TO THANK KYLE HIGGINS for writing Dick Grayson the way he has, very much enjoyed every minute of the Nightwing stories.  However….

I AM MAD AS HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope Dan Didio is happy, he finally got his wish, and got rid of one of the best ongoings! The character of Dick Grayson is the most relateable in my mind to most everyday people. WHY would you get rid of that. SURE Nightwing doesn’t have heat vision, or any special powers, but he was trained by THE GODDAMN BATMAN!!! He knows everything Bruce knows!!! If it’s a sales thing, or a company thing that’s just sad. Because I thought Nightwing was doing well in the sales.

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The route of REVEALING Grayson’s identity in FOREVER EVIL was solely to get rid of him!!!! Yet have they not seen what repercussions that this will have?  HELLO how easy would it be for any of Batman’s enemies to find out that Bruce Wayne “adopted” Dick Grayson, and then trained him to be his sidekick. This whole mess just makes me so angry!!!

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Everything was moving along swimmingly between Batman: Gates of Gotham… into the New 52, with Court of Owls, then Death of the Family, and finally getting Nightwing outta Gotham, and putting him in Chicago. Kyle Higgins was crafting a story that would honor where Dick Grayson came from, yet allow him to be his own man, without being tied down by the mantle of Batman. From what I understand after the Tony Zucco storyline Kyle was planning to explore the history the city of Chicago had with superheroes. That would have been an awesome route to go. BUT no THEY HAD TO do the villains take over everything, Forever Evil and all that.

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Now having said all that SURE I have no idea much like the rest of the internet has no idea how the Nightwing series will end. However Kyle isn’t even writing the finale. Which makes me even more upset at DC! I get it it’s BATMAN’S 75TH ANNIVERSARY! Still…. getting rid of his longest running partner is just WRONG!!!! Nearly EVERY ROBIN whether they be former or current has been taken out of the New 52. Damian is DEAD, Jason Todd is off with his outlaw buddies, I have no idea what is going on with Tim Drake, as I’m not reading Teen Titans. That is ending too though. And of course Dick Grayson will either be killed for now, or reinvented as a blond….? IF Grayson remains as a bat family member whether it be as Robin, nightwing, whatever… I don’t give a crap about his hair color, as long as his personality from the beginning of his series is still intact.

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So in conclusion I’m severely cutting back on DC titles after April 2014. The three that I’ll continue to get are Batgirl, Batman Beyond Universe, and He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. I will be checking out the first two months of Batman Eternal, but may not stick to it after that. Other than those I have no real vested interest in DC Comics at this point. YOU KILL MY FAVORITE CHARACTER…you bastards!!! At least I can read old man Grayson in Batman Beyond 2.0…. so there is an upside.

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  1. Give it time. There will inevitably be a relaunch of the title. That is just how comics works. They will likely bring on a new creative team with the relaunch, but this is what the comics industry does. A relaunch and a #1 on the cover will spike sales. It happens a lot.

    1. I know … I know, but still prefer it not to happen … because THIS SERIES WAS SO GOOD!!!!

      1. I’ve been there. It is disappointing when a series is very good and they cancel it or switch it up. The creative teams really make or break a book. Finding that combo can really spark a series. I’m glad you were enjoying that title. For now you can spend that money exploring other titles though, which is often what I would do, and it would work out because I would find series that were also very enjoyable.

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