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Preview of Long Distance #4


So this past weekend I found Thomas Zahler’s creator own series from IDW entitled Long Distance. This will be a preview of the 4th and final issue of the miniseries. After reading all 4 issues… I want MORE!!! This story was so refreshing to read. So check out this preview of Long Distance #4! CLICK IMAGES FOR LARGER VERSIONS!

LD #4 Page 1

Carter and Lee have settled into a comfortable pattern

LD #4 Page 3

Baconnimption Fit Pizza!

LD #4 Page 4

Not all my trips involved flights though

LD #4 Page 5

You have a doctorate use your words!

LD #4 Page 6

I’ll keep that in mind

LD #4 Page 7

That’s an interesting thought!

There ya have it the Long Distance #4 Preview!!! I’ll have a full written review later this week of the entire series. Plus it’ll be covered inside The Pull Bag soon! Looks like it’s gonna be an interesting end to the story!!!


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