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Preview of Onyx #2

Onyx #2 CVR A

Here’s the preview for IDW Publishing’s Onyx #2 out September 9, 2015!!! I recently read the first issue of this series, and I’m quite impressed. Check this out if you are a sci-fi fan! CLICK IMAGES FOR LARGER VERSIONS!

Onyx #2 Page 1

Previously on Onyx….

Onyx #2 Page 2

That’s a nice lab coat you’re wearing!

Onyx #2 Page 3

I know, I want them to!

Onyx #2 Page 4

To me it’s metallic and odorless!

Onyx #2 Page 5

Nevermind I’ll deal

Onyx #2 Page 6

Chapter Two: Undergrowth!

There ya have it the Onyx #2 Preview!!! Looks like it’s gonna be a jungle in there!!!!


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