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Preview of Star Trek Green Lantern #3 (of 6)


Here’s the preview for DC Comics and IDW Publishing’s Star Trek-Green Lantern #3! I’ll be the first to admit I haven’t had a chance to dive into this crossover event. But I want to, and will soon. CLICK IMAGES FOR LARGER VERSIONS!

ST-GL #3 Page 1

Meet The Team!

ST-GL #3 Page 2

But what about your universe, how did it end?

ST-GL #3 Page 3

Not how who?

ST-GL #3 Page 4

We all knew it was a lost cause, but we kept fighting to the end

ST-GL #3 Page 5

Your ring noticed? 

ST-GL #3 Page 6

You waste your last words begging? 

There ya have it a preview of Star trek Green Lantern #3. After reading these pages it really has me interested in covering the crossover for The Pull Bag eventually.


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