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Preview of TMNT Color Classics Volume 3 #9


Here’s the preview for IDW Publishing’s TMNT Classics Volume 3 #9. In this we see that April is having trouble at work, and Casey has gotten married! CLICK IMAGES FOR LARGER VERSIONS!

TMNT CC V3 #9 Page 1

Colorful Turtles!

TMNT CC V3 #9 Page 2

This can’t be right!

TMNT CC V3 #9 Page 3

Uh… Boss? 

TMNT CC V3 #9 Page 4

Do your damn job April….Jerk!

TMNT CC V3 #9 Page 5

Casey got hitched…. woah!

TMNT CC V3 #9 Page 6

Casey Jones does Romance!

OK folks as most of you may know… I’ve only been reading the IDW continuity when it comes to the TMNT. There ya have it though the preview for TMNT Classics Volume 3 #9! Maybe when Joe and I get to a place where we need to wait on the story arc… we can jump into these books. I’m intrigued at Casey marrying the chick he knocked up or whatever the heck happened there. I think I remember joe telling me he went out west and had a kid. However I could be wrong.


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