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Bat Beyond 2.0 Chapter 37 is here! The final arc within the Batman Beyond Universe is here. This is a very sad realization for me. But when you come across “Alternating Currents” you have to go with the flow! This will be a slightly SPOILER FILLED  Review!

BBU #37 Title Page

Alternating Currents Part 1 of 4 “Means to Ends”

So last week I expressed my disdain for how the “All In” Arc ended. Since then I’ve read an article on ComicBook Resources where Kyle Higgins said, “We’re bringing back Inque. We’re bringing back the Royal Flush gang. We’re bringing back Davis, AKA Rewire, who I created at the beginning of this run. It’s all building to our finale — the ultimate story for Terry.” The “ultimate” story for Terry…. that last line got me super interested. I’m very sad that Bat Beyond is ending, but I have faith that Kyle and Alec will go out with a bang rather than a whimper. So recently I started this new format for reviewing comics. I figured for me it was easier to talk in positives and negatives in two different paragraphs. I started this with my Gotham Academy #1 and Batgirl #35 reviews.

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What Works: There are very similar tones in story for Terry and Davis. I’m interested to see where it goes. In this chapter we get the start of the last arc, and Dick Grayson gets attacked by Rewire. I like Rewire as a supervillain in Neo Gotham. I like him as a character here, but it creeps me out that he’s a sad lonely little boy who killed his own damn father. Bruce’s “Batman Logic” comes into play when Terry returns from the alternate timeline. I do like that we are getting more of old man Bruce, and I wish Terry would actually learn from him here. The other part of the writing I liked was how Rewire admits to seeing who DG is and or was. Then he just starts making fun of him. I was hoping Higgins and Siegel would have written in an old Nightwing costume in the closet or something, but sadly no. For the first chapter the writing is solid, and leaves you on a cliffhanger.

BBU #37 Page 2

What Doesn’t Work: I realy hate that Kyle wrote the whole angle of T. telling Terry about “his” own Dad still being alive. This just makes our Terry creepy and weird. you can tell in the writing that neither the alternate timeline Warren or our Terry have the same memories etc…. Then they just write it off like it was nothing. This all boils down to the first time they met back in the crodssover. When Warren said, “Oh you changed your hair back.” Terry and davis really do have too many damn “daddy issues” I mean I UNDERSTAND why Davis has daddy issues, as he KILLED his father. Still this whole part of the storyline is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I don’t mean to constantly talk negatively about Kyle and Alec’s writing, because I’m a fan, but still it has to be stated. I wish this arc would END this whole daddy issue thing with Terry. It was great in the crossover arc to see that Terry could have some closure, but now he’s just asking for more heartbreaking moments.

BBU #37 Page 3


What Works: EVERYTHING!!! That’s right I said EVERYTHING works in the art. Silas is at a breakneck speed and style. LOVE the emotion in Grayson’s capture, and attempting to escape. Terry and T. look great side by side. NOW that’s a story I could read Two Batmen united as one fighting crime every week. Backgrounds, colors, designs all look great. Especially when reading on Comixology’s Guide View option. Very interested to see the art in the rest of this final arc.

BBU #37 Page 4

What Doesn’t Work: NOTHING!!!! Yeah that’s right I said it. there is nothing in Thony Silas’s art that I do not like. Everything is immaculate, from the character designs, to the electricity effects Rewire uses. They all look beautifully done. The one thing I wanna see BEFORE the series ends is the BATMOBILE one last time!!! Cmon guys!!!!!!

BBU #37 Page 5

Final Thoughts:

So Chapter 37 IN A ROW! is here. Unlike last week I highly recommend jumping onto the series to finish it out.  The writers brought back mystery and intrigue to the title here! You should  go get BATMAN BEYOND 2.0 Chapter 37!!!! This is the first chapter in the last arc of the series! I’m really gonna miss this book. All within the Batman Beyond Universe. You can find it on the DC Comics App or Comixology or wherever you get your digital comics.

BBU #37 Page 6

Review Overview

Beyond All Expectations!

Alternating Currents! DO NOT CROSS THE STREAMS!!!!

For the beginning of the end... this first chapter in the final arc has everything you know you want and love outta this creative team. It sets up Rewire again, and plants us on a collision course to the final fight.

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