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Batman Beyond 2.0


^this is the cover to Batman Beyond Universe Issue #16. The final print issue of the series!

Bat Beyond 2.0 has ENDED, it’s over, just over. This was the crushing blow to my DC love! But when you come across “Alternating Currents” you have to go with the flow! This will be a slightly SPOILER FILLED  Review!

So with doing the final 2 chapters, I’m changing up the way I do the review this time. Seeing as this is the END of the Bat Beyond 2.0 series I’ll be covering both Chapters 39 and 40. I’ll be doing What Does and Doesn’t Work, and final thoughts overall for both chapters. My final rating and summary will be an overall rating for BOTH Chapters! So here we go…. the end of easily the best Series DC Comics had going.

BBU #39 Title Page

Alternating Currents Part 3 of 4 “Selfless”

Batman and Rewire’s battle continues, as Bruce and Babs attempt to save Dick Grayson! That basically sums up the story of Chapter 39. It’s mostly the battle and back and forth between Batman and Rewire. The action is awesome, and the dialogue goes well with it.

BBU #39 Page 1


What Works: Thony Silas was the BEST choice for artist on this series. Everything he has done was amazing!!!! As I’ve said many times over…. It’s like the cartoon series jumped outta my TV set into these comics!!! So I have zero complaints about the art. Everything Thony does works so well with the series, and his take on old Bruce, Babs, and Dick are the definitive ones in my opinion as far as the comics go. I do like in Kyle and Alec’s writing that Terry tries talking some sense into Davis, but that’s about it as far as the writing goes.

BBU #39 Page 2

What Doesn’t Work: I’m getting to the point now where I think Jim Werner from Weird Science of DC Comics Blog was right. This series should have ended with an epilogue issue AFTER the Mark of the Phantasm arc. I’m sorry Kyle and Alec this Alternating Currents story just isn’t grabbing me at all. It feels like you guys are being forced to end the series. And in doing so you are rushing the final arc out. Now I dunno if that is what happened, that’s just my opinion based on the three outta four chapters I’ve read. Lets jump into Chapter 40 and see if I’m wrong……

BBU #40 Title Page

Alternating Currents Part 4 of 4 “Above and Beyond”

Here it is the final issue of the series. I’m still crying on the inside that this series is ending. It was my one last ray of sunshine in reading DC Comics. Not counting the MOTU license they have. So this time we are going “Above and Beyond” And I have to say I was wrong when I wrote the review above for Chapter 39. Kyle and Alec really turned the story around here.

BBU #40 Page 1


What Works: In the writing as I said above Kyle and Alec gave Terry a nice bit of character development. They didn’t keep him on the selfish path, which is a great thing. After reading this final chapter, I feel as if the entire story arc in 2.0-Universe has come full circle. In more ways than one. Terry has come to terms with his Dad’s death, and the Trio of trhe Bat Family, Bruce, Babs, and Dick….. are all back together at this point. This final arc I thought it was gonna be a HUGE Team up with Ghoul, Inque, Ten, and Rewire. Because well that’s what the cover depicts. I thought that might be really cool to see. However The writers whent more in a single story kinda way. Maybe Parts 1-3 will read better for me in the single issue… or trade, but I maintain my opinions on the writing in them, as of this review. This final issue made up for the long haul of the first three in this arc. The writing is very well done, and I’m very happy with the ending to the series. Thony Silas on the art here is wonderful as always. I love how Nick Filardi’s colors pop, and the character designs look so good. Very happy with the art!!!!

BBU #40 Page 2

What Doesn’t Work: for me it’s the fact that the series is ending!!!!!! Everything else in this final chapter is beautifully done, from the writing to the art. Everything falls into place!!!!

BBU #40 Page 3

Final Thoughts:

So Chapters 39 and 40 are out, and Batman Beyond 2.0 aka Batman Beyond Universe is over. Overall Kyle Higgins, Thony Silas, and the teams that Alex Antone assembled for this entire series were great. There are numerous nitpicks and a few bad things that I felt weren’t appealing to me in the series here, but the ending was well written, and worked out for everyone. I hope this series does return, because the final page does say the end…. for now! So I’m hoping in a few years Kyle gets an idea for another series long run. Kyle, Alec, Thony, and the others all did an excellent job on the ending, and I’m satidfied where they left the series. I just wish there had been more to the first three chapters of the final arc. Stay tuned to my comic reviews, because taking Bat Beyond’s place will be Arkham Manor. I’ll also be going back into the Bat Beyond Universe and reviewing the entire series arc by arc. This return to the BBU will happen sometime in 2015.

BBU #40 Page 4

Review Overview

Above and Beyond the Bat Universe!

Beyond All Expectations

Even though Chapter 39 led me on to believe that Terry would continue to think selfishly. Thankfully Chapter 40 he was turned around, and brought back to reality. These final chapters of Bat Beyond 2.0 are good, and great. Good for 39 GREAT for 40. You aren't gonna want to miss the ending to this series.... for now!

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