Review of D.C. New 52 Futures End Harley Quinn # 1

Several of you are ready to place me at the bottom of Gotham Bay for my Gotham T.V. series review.   Yet, no one had anything to say about my other reviews…oh well.  I’m even more surprised when no one commented about my last Harley Quinn issue 10 review.   Well last issue left a bad taste in my mouth.   The Future’s End Number One is a pleasant surprise.   The biggest reason is that Mustah J makes an appearance.   There’s even an reference about his face being ripped off.   This review will be “semi spoiled.”  So if you haven’t read the comic, stop reading this review now.

Harley is reunited with Bernie the Beaver. A stuffed beaver who only Harley can communicate with. He also serves as the voice of reason.
Harley is reunited with Bernie the Beaver. A stuffed beaver who only Harley can communicate with. He also serves as the voice of reason.

Harley decides to take a vacation to the Bahamas.   Typical Harley she wants to mail herself via a crate.   However the plane hits a storm and Harley washes ashore on an desert island.   Of course a soccer ball washes ashore too…we get an Castaway reference (For those who don’t remember it was a 2000 Tom Hanks film).   You know what?  It works on a number of levels.   Harley still has her “dark sense of humor.”  She spends a few pages, talking to herself.   Wondering if she treks through the jungle she’ll actually find a hotel (as were the troupe in several 80’s-90’s sitcoms).   Or if she finds other survivors will she have to resort to eating them?   I love how she is also hoping a bottle of Tabasco sauce washes up, if that is what she has to resort to.

Harley being worshiped as an Island Goddess...Fanboys/Girls rejoice.
Harley being worshiped as an Island Goddess…Fanboys/Girls rejoice.

She eventually becomes face to face with the natives.   With her perma-clown skin, she’s mistaken for their Goddess.   One of them is wearing a mask that resembles…Mustah J.   However Harley is glad that she has been saved.   She spends time feasting on pineapples, having her suitors fight over her.   Getting a layout for her new home.   Eventually she finds out that The Joker has been living on the island. He has been mistaken for a God.   Basically he has been forcing the natives to build bizarre pyramids, dressing them up as the Justice League…so on and so forth.

"I have ya now Jokaa." Native Island Batman...demand it @ your local toy store.
“I have ya now Jokah.” Native Island Batman…demand it @ your local toy store.

The Joker and Harley reunite…and he claims that he did miss Harley.   What I’m getting in New 52 is that he does love her.   He doesn’t know how to handle it.   So now him wanting to abuse her…kind of makes a touch more sense than the animated series.   Anyway we think we’re finally going to get a Joker/Harley Wedding.   However Harley’s only sense of reason comes from Bernie.   He tries to tell her that something’s not right, and she shouldn’t let her guard down.   However we all know the Harley/Joker romantic/rational love kabash.

Joker dressing up the Natives as The Justice League and bumping them off is so wrong....
Joker dressing up the Natives as The Justice League and bumping them off is so wrong….
Harley's dream sequence of her wedding day...with a cameo by Pepe Le so right.
Harley’s dream sequence of her wedding day…with a cameo by Pepe Le Pew…is so right.

In her mind, she’s finally going to settle down with The Joker.   The reader and Bernie know otherwise.   You know for those of you who have seen this Porky Pig/Daffy Duck cartoon…there’s this one short.   Porky is on a game show Truth or AUGHHHhhhhhh.    He has a chance to walk away with some money or continue playing.   Someone in the audience  warms Porky “he’ll be sorry.”   Daffy then shots the big mouth dead, and the game show continues.   I was hoping that the writers would have included it in this comic somehow.

Fein-Al Thoughts

I won’t be giving away the ending.   However I was hoping that Harley would realize, taking advantage of the natives was wrong.   We have read an issue where she brings back alter ego Harleen Quinzel.   It would have been a tad interesting.   Granted I knew the natives and Jokers intentions…yet it’s still a fun read.   You know the drill it feels like a seven to fifteen Looney Tunes short.   I can hear Mark Hamil’s and either Tara Strong’s or Arleen Sorkin’s voices in my head while reading.   Joker torturing the natives is kind of a call back to The Emperor Joker story-line a few years ago.   Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti tell a great tongue and cheek romp between the two.   There is also some great artwork by Chad Hardin.   I love the setting/mood/atmosphere of the island.   As well as a famous Justice League member who is kept in the shadows.   Again, it’s not that Harley is half naked in this issue.   It’s her chemistry with Bernie and The Joker, that makes me wanting to worship this issue for the longest time.


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Harley...You are a Goddess

It's great to see Bernie the Beaver again. Harley and Mustah J in the final pages were classic Harley and Joker. This makes up for the last Harley Quinn comic.

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