Review of God Hates Astronauts Vol 1 The Head That Couldn’t Die!(Spoilers)

I came across God Hates Astronauts a few days ago.   TFGI Mike asked me to co-host on The Pull Bag.   We decided to discuss Image Comics Solicitations.   While rummaging through titles, this one came up.   God Hates Astronauts? What could it be?   It turns out to be the brain child of Author Ryan Browne.   A self publisher, who is working with Image Comics.   He also provided the artwork.   It’s hard to explain this series, but I’ll do the best that I can.


There are these five super heroes called The Power Person Five.   There’s Starrior who is married to the team leader.  She has an indestructible ring, with a shooting star ability.   Craymok, who is billed as friend to all, understood by none.   He has the strength of an ape, and laser eyes.   The Anti Mugger is just concerned fighting muggers and no one/thing else.   Then there is the mysterious impossible.   Who is dressed in white, with black boots and a cowl.   He is there to perform the impossible.   Star Fighter is a costumed poor mans Captain America.   His abilities is that he is immortal.


The opening deals with Star Fighter, getting his head pummeled.   His is immortal, and enjoys taking beatings.   But he doesn’t have healing abilities.   After battling an bizarre foe, he consults with Dr. Professor.   The teams Doctor, and in house Rhino.   Give that a few minutes to sink in.  After his wife cannot stand the sight of him.   He leaves, along with the ghost head of a cow.   Eventually Starrio has an affair, and Star Fighter and the cow head combine.   This causes him, to become more egotistical than ever.  Granted there is the ghost of an space cowboy.   Who tires to entertain the reader of some sort logic and rational.


Trust me, it’s best to just sit back and enjoy the artwork.   Not to mention the colorful characters brought to life.  One of them is Admiral Tiger eating a Cheeseburger.   Is just that, he’s sort of a Zap Brannigan type of character.   His crew members deal with him being oblivious.   The crew consists of crab people.   Not the crab people from south park.   They have the heads of crabs, but the bodies of men.  It almost comes off as a six year old who liked to draw.  You know the kind who wanted to make their own comics.   That’s the best way to describe it.   There are just those moments where there is no rhyme or reason.


I don’t think there is a deep story here.   Other than social commentary regarding redneck scientists.   And that is only an assumption.   After reading a few more pages, NASA has hired “The Five,” to stop Space Farmers.   Along the way, you get talking animals with names to match either profession.  Or what they are doing in the moment.   It’s best to shut off your brain and just enjoy the images/writing.   Ryan knows how to draw his animals.   And other objects I’ll give him that.   As for pop culture references.   Don’t worry, Ryan’s got you covered.

I’m not going to bash Ryan’s writing.   This comic shows how he is a strong cartoonist.   Kind of like those three – four panel comics you read in the daily-weekly newspaper.   The surrealism “strange for the sake of being strange.”   Makes this book a must read.   It works as either an bathroom reader.   Or for those long air plane trips.   It also comes with an Reference Guide.   To help explain the creation of the characters.   As well as the dialogue, etc.

The Fein-Al Verdict

What can one say?   What it lacks in rational and common sense.   It makes up for in unpredictability.   Some of the characters are unlikable and too broad.   Some of the references won’t make sense.   Until you read the reference guide.  The pros are that the pop culture is not crammed down your throat.   It’s a car wreck, and if you enjoy trauma.   Then you won’t want this guilty pleasure of a series slip away.

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"Purple Monkey Dishwasher"

The series feels like it's pieced together from newspaper clippings. Unlikable characters here and there. Admiral Tiger Eating a Cheeseburger needs his own series.

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