Review Of Harley Quinn Annual #1 (Spoilers)

Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy fans, have always been curious regarding their relationship.  Are they girlfriends or “girlfriends?”   However I think Harley has confronted Ivy on their relationship.  Also if you’ve read early Harely Quinn two, Ivy has a crush on Harley.   We even got a shot of them in bed together.   Ivy waking up the next morning and giving a small peck on Harley s cheek.


I don’t think much happened…but as Harley stated in Issue # 3.   “I’m not into girls…I think.”    I’vealso  stated before, that Harley comes off as human version of Dot from Animaniacs.   Further more Issue 0, came off as the Looney Tunes short Duck Amok.   This annual tries to bring things back to basics.  As well as hinting what Issue 0 was all about.   This issue offers both, lunacy and some great artwork per usual.


The plot deals with Harley trying to break Ivy out of Arkham.    You’d think this would be an easy prison break.   What with Harley  being a former employee and all.   However this issue would be over too quickly.   Not to mention the fact we saw her break into Arkham, (coutsey of Batman Assault on Arkham).   She then encounters two Doctors Bliss and Bash.

This is where the controversial scratch and sniff (ya gotta legalize it mon) comes into play.   It’s elephants on parade meets D.C.  The New 52.  This doesn’t bother me, because it’s an Harley Quinn comic.   Every now and then, you’ll see Harley in a upper circle thingy.   This tries to give the reader the whole 411.   What’s “really going on,” when to scratch and sniff.


For example, Harley Quinn Issue 0 dealt with several artists trying to design Harley.  To give her, some substance and style.   Here the Duck Amok artwork justifications make more sense.   There is a section where Harley will turn into a cat.   Another is Harely and Ivy reuniting.   Ivy is dressed in a two piece bikini in this segment.   They’re inside a flower/hot tub thing.

Ivy’s memory erased, but it’s nice to see them soak.   It gets better when a bee comes down hitting on them.   He makes comments on their bodies, finally stating that he has a yacht.  It’s a real mind trip, but entertaining.   Jimmy Palomotti and Amanda Conner are great writing Harley’s and Ivy’s relationship.  Ivy has come  off as an “protector,” for Harley (in previous issues).   Harley is now trying to return the favor.

This issue has a scratch and sniff gimmick.   For me I have the digital edition, so I can’t scratch…and…sniff…However there is a pop up gimmick…and by that…images pop in and out.   From what I heard the smells do/do not make a difference.   The story is soild, and both characters are fun to watch.  Followed by some great artwork by, Ben Caldwell, Kelley Jones, Joe Quinones, Stjepan Sejic, and John Timms.

Fein-Al Thoughts

I understand that Harley Quinn comics lasted a year.  Ya gotta have a gimmick.   Thankfully this gimmick works.   Harley cares about Ivy and vice versa.   The segments where Harley is hallucinating works.  Everything from Harley believing from sunbathing – hot tubbing with Ivy –  becoming a purple kaiju rampaging on the beach.   It’s just a fun book, as per usual great writting by Jimmy and Amanda.

I also suggest you just purchase the digital download…you’re really not going to get anything from the non digital…sorry mon.


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Harley has really toughened up since the early 90's. The Hallucination segments make sense (one way or another). Half naked Harley and Ivy are not just eye candy. Great writing and artwork.

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