Review of Harley Quinn Valentines Day Special # 1 (Spoilers)

So far I’ve been satisfied with the Harley Quin specials.  From the S.D.C.C. issue, – Annual.   This series, doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.   Now issue three did deal with Valentines Day.   You see Harley felt lonely.   Ivy left a plant with berries.   After Harley ate them, anyone who smelled her breath.   Fell in love with Harley.   Both men and women, fell in love with her.   Seeing her run through Coney Island, N.Y.C.   Fighting off her “advances,” and acting all Ash like from Evil Dead.   Eventually the effect from the berries wore off.   And Harley felt that being alone was ok at times.


We get some guest artists.  To help out during Harley’s.  Pink Elephant’s on Parade, dream sequence.  This is a spin off series.  And what’s a spin off series, without a guest star?   Many of the D.C. fans, asked Jimmy P. Would “thy,” Dark Knight enter this universe?   The answer was “maybe”, but said lips were sealed.  It was one of the best secrets ever. I thought it would take a page.   From the B.T.A.S., season four.   That Holiday Knights episode. Where Harley and Ivy, used hypnotic lipstick on Bruce Wayne.  Thankfully this is an original story.


As luck and coincidence have it.  Bruce Wayne is in N.Y.C.  Participating in a Bachelor Charity Auction.  To help animal shelters.  This is kind of a call back to issue 2.  When both Harley and Ivy.  Rescued animals from a shelter. So of course you have rich socialites from all over attending.  Harley still doesn’t know.  That “The B-man,” and Bruce are the same.  Her plan is cut and dry.   She wants to act all “Harley Hood.”  Steal from the rich,  give to the poor (herself).  And save the animals.  Typical day for the clown princess of crime.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 10.59.59 AM

Harley of course is able to steal, the money she needs to bid.  Because as more luck and coincidence has it.  Her on again off again accomplice.  Big Tony has found someone that they can rob.  An Wall Street Inside trader, no less. Whose name is Barney Runoff.  Harley and Tony perform a home invasion.  As even more, well you get the idea. Barney has stashed some cash under his mattress.  He can’t report it stolen, Harley has seen to that.  After they collect the funds it’s onto the festivities.

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As you can tell by this dress, she’s a knock out.   Still you gotta have a bidding war.   And Harley literally knocks out the competition.  Quite bloodily I might add.   It’s a shame that the person, Harley takes out.  Isn’t Veronica Freeland from the ’90’s animated series.  Also it’s not  that charity auction from Batman and Robin.  But let’s move on shall we?  Now Bruce isn’t stupid.  His thought balloons consist of flying bats.  Which is quite ingenious. But there is also a sub plot, concerning Eco-terrorists.  But first let’s mention those dream sequences.


The first is a combination of Tex Avery/Looney Tunes/My Little Pony.  Meets Mighty Mouse The New Adventures. Harley dreams of being married to Bruce Wayne.  She’s riding on a Chuck Jones.  What’s Opera Doc unicorn.  She’s enjoying the life of being Ms. Bruce Wayne.   But then, the dream transitions into a Monty Python sketch.  Harley and Bruce end up on a yacht.  And ends up shooting Bruce with a fish gun?   Hey it’s Harely’s sub conscious, and welcome to it.  There’s more to the dream.   But again, let’s move on shall we?   The other dream, or should I say nightmare is Bruce Wayne’s.  It deals with Harley and Bruce in bed.   She hears Bruce talking in his sleep about all the women he’s been with.   He lies to Harley claiming those are potential baby names.

I enjoyed the both dream sequences a lot.   Not only was the 1st, cartoon-y.  It reminded me of the Monty Python sketch The Travel Agent.  Go check it out.   The second, had a interesting set up.  As I stated before.  Two Eco terrorists want to kidnap Bruce.  So they can use the money to help ocean life.  When they zap Bruce with a electron net.  And knock out Harley, the images of the kidnappers.  Start to melt like wax figures.  So some great imagery. Also we see Harley dressed as Robin.

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The Fein-al Verdict

I do like the second to final act.  Taking place at the Aquarium.  I do like how Harley acts all Batgirl.  Sneaking into the Aquarium.  And befriending a beluga whale.  I did feel bad for the Eco terrorists.  After they state their case to an imprisoned Bruce.  He was willing to help.  Until Harley comes in, and botches the deal.  Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti wrote another great special.  Shout out to artist Ben Caldwell’s 1st dream sequence.   John Timms (pencils) deserves a shout out as well.  It’s a great set up between Harley and Batman.   I’m not going to reveal the aftermath.  I will say this, Batman can be a little “too,” Judgmental.  It doesn’t end the way like the Harley’s Holiday B.T.A.S. did.  But it would’ve been interesting.   To see them attempt an romance.   After all, he dated Catwoman and Taila Al-Guhl.

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The interactions between Harley and Bruce/Batman. The dream sequences, great artwork and writing per usual.

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