Review of Marvel Star Wars Issue 2 (Semi-Spoilers)

The comic book that sold out in minutes.   Didn’t urk fans young and old.   Writer Jason Aaron and Artist John Cassaday.   Have given the fans the Star Wars story.   That we were craving since Return of The Jedi.  Not to mention, Episode V came out three years after Episode IV.   I don’t recall what the R-E-E-L time line was.   So this in-between-series can last for years.   The character designs/models feels like old school Star Wars.


It is still action packed, addictive.  Not to mention giving the reader drama.  It just clicks on every panel/page.  Issue Two opens with an light saber fight between Luke and Vader.   Vader mocking Luke, telling him he holds the light saber like a child.   Not seeing Luke as a threat.  Luke does charge at Vader.  Telling him that Vader was responsible for Anakin SkyWalkers death.  But instead of revealing.  That Vader and Luke are father and son.  Vader mocks Luke, exclaiming that he’s eradicated many family members.  And that Luke, should be more specific.


Somehow Aaron was able to re-write “that famous moment.”   Episode V and VI Vader/Luke fights were snowflakes.  No two were alike.  We also know that with Ben gone.  And Luke has not met Yoda.   He has not mastered the art of an Jedi.   It feels like the fight we should’ve seen in Episode IV.   After Ben was “struck down.” Luke also wants to avenge Ben.  However Vader uses “the force.”   And grabs Ben’s light saber.  Luke is given a choice to join Vader.  Or perish, we know what Luke’s decision will be.


Just take a look at the above image.   It’s a fan fiction of what there first meeting could have been.  Unlike IDW’s Ghostbusters, I can hear the original actors voices.  The second thing that makes the issue works.  Is the pacing, it never misses a beat.   Just as Luke is about to be struck down.   An At-At walkers foot is about to come crashing down.  On both of them.  Controlled by Han Solo no less.   And why not, they controlled another Sith machine.  In Return of the Jedi.  Han even states, how Chewie would love to control any Sith machine.  So I love the reference.

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The issue gives us some great Banter between Han and Leia.   As he is trying desperately to control the At At.  Unlike the bloody prequels.  Where I couldn’t tell one contraption from another.  Or who was fighting what.  There’s even a battle in a factory.  Laser blasts all over, Luke trying to doge the fire.  Arron and Cassaday took something simple.   And made sure not to exasperate the reader.

The Fein-al Verdict.

There isn’t a disturbance in this franchise.  I have great faith in this writer/artist team.   Fantastic balance of writing, artwork, and pacing.   I didn’t feel worn out after reading.  And was greedy for more.   This is what fan fiction should be.  It understands the balance between Drama and Humor.  After all what is Star Wars without balance?

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Did ya get the License Number? Of That At At Walker?

I can still hear the "old school actors." Still a smart idea, to be a Mid-equel. Awesome characters designs/artwork. Great use of The At At Walker.

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