Review of Marvel Star Wars Issue One (Spoiler Free)

Fans will appreciate this in-between-quel set after Episode IV.   Right before Episode V, it almost felt like we should have gotten this episode in the 80’s.  The first issue deals with Han, Leia, Luke, and the droids.   Attempting to destroy the Empire.  Before they rebuild another Death Star.   I think fans will also like the idea.  That the plan doesn’t feel (pardon the pun), forced.

goakecmahkz2f4kew4nbI will admit, I never read The Dark Horse comics.   I skimmed through them now and then.   I just never got into the artwork or the stories.   I guess we can thank “The Mouse.”  As in Disney owns Marvel, Lucas Films, and eventually the world.  I also recall Marvel once publishing Star Wars Comics.   I do remember reading them years ago.   I don’t have the original issues to memory.   I do know that the series, will be in good hands.   If I understand it correctly The Dark Horse timeline, and The Marvel timeline are the same.   The good news is after you finish this issue, it will start to take a life of its own.


We see Han and Leia showing their true feelings for each other.   Luke trying his best to master The Force.   After losing Ben, before going to train with Yoda.  Not to mention what happened to Vader.   After his defeat with The Rebels. Artist John Cassaday does a great job, making these characters ageless.   There are nice details here, from Leia’s classic scowl.   To Han’s smugness, as well as R2-D2’s design.  Using dark colors in the background set the mood and atmosphere.  It’s almost as if the colors are another character.   Writer Jason Aaron who has written several Xmen comics, respects the genre as well.

The writing will not tarnish the characters one bit.   You’ll still get to feel and see Hans cynicism and smugness. Luke’s acceptance regarding his destiny.   Not to mention Leia’s strength.   She has never been a Princess Peach character.   You knew when she was captured.  She would find a way out of said situation.   Leia is a freedom fighter, tough on the outside.   Sincere and compassionate on the inside.   Another great role model for the female demographic.   Now after reading this issue, she may come off as overconfident.  Maybe we’re seeing a side of Leia that we had forgotten about?   I dunno.

Fein-Al Verdict

Look we’re getting Episode VII, this December.   What an better way to kick off the countdown, than Episode IV.V?   The marketing makes sense.  With a satisfactory Episode VII teaser trailer.   The Clone Wars available on Netflix streaming.   This Marvel comic series.   It makes up for the horrific prequels.   And that horrible Holiday Special in the 70’s.   The story will not insult your intelligence.   The artwork is spot on, the characters are there.   Plus there is going to be an Special February Darth Vader Issue.   Where he’s inside Jabba’s Palace.   And in March, we’re getting a special Leia Issue.   Balance is being restored, thanks to Writer Jason Aaron and Artist John Cassaday.

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You won't have a bad feeling about this.

Episode IV.V, Nuff Said. You can hear the actors voices while reading. Great artwork and story.

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