Review of Nightwing – Vol 1: Traps and Trapezes



Volume 1: Traps and Trapezes

Collecting Issues #1-7, this first NEW 52 Nightwing Volume shows you the stories after Dick Grayson stepped out of Batman’s shadow. Meaning that it starts after the event which was Gates Of Gotham

I started reading Nightwing at the time, when the DEATH OF THE FAMILY event happened. So with reading this first volume, I had to backtrack a bit. However that did not hinder my enjoyment of the character, and the situations he found himself in. I absolutely am loving what Kyle Higgins is doing with the stories in Nightwing.

Nightwing Vol 1 #1


Kyle to me is writing Dick Grayson as if he jumped from the animated series, to the comics! It is so fluid, and everytime I read this series I hear Loren Lester’s voice in my head. Volume 1 of Nightwing tells the story of Dick Grayson returning to his past  and Halys Circus. We find out that SOMEONE from Dick’s past has come back to haunt him, and that he was once one of the chosen children for THE COURT. We also see Barabara coming to catch up with him, and the fact that Raya is jealous. The writing is so spot on, and tells a very compelling story, taking you into the deeper emotions of Dick Grayson, Nightwing!!! I love the way DC outlines their volumes. I felt as if I was reading 1 fluid story versus seven separate issues.

Nightwing Vol 1 #2


Eddy Barrows does the art in this, and I love it. The very back of the book has sketches of covers for issues 1-3, and he does amazing pencils. I love how subtle, yet explosive the art can be when needed. I love how both Raya, and Babs look in these issues. As far as Barabara goes, she is drawn VERY well, both in and out of costume. I love all the action poses, and action shots, during the confrontation scene at Haly’s Circus. All around the art is just amazing, and I love the Red in the Nightwing costume!!

Nightwing #4 Cover

Final Thoughts:

If you wanna jump into Nightwing’s stories, here’s the best place to do it. Volume 1 gives you the first seven issues of the NEW 52 run, and tells a very unique and interesting story.  I read through the book twice, before writing this review up. It’s that damn good. There weren’t any what the heck moments with art, or the writing. I’ve said before the one thing that does throw me of is when any character calls him Richard, but that’s a minor nitpick. It does not take away any of my enjoyment of reading the series.

Overall Score: 10/10

Nightwing #1 Cover

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