Review of Archie Vs. Predator Issue # 1(Semi-Spoilers)

Going back thirty somewhat years ago.  I remember picking up.  The Archie Digests at the local supermarket check out.  Or the double digest/s, then moving up to the spinner racks.  At the local book/drug store.  Archie has always been one of those.  Not ready for prime time.  Works as an bathroom reader.  But has always tried to keep up with the 21st century.  I believe that there was, an NBC Tele-Movie. Where the Riverdale gang were adults.  As well as the cult-ish 70’s/80’s cartoon.

archie-vs-predator-750x400 The point is, your favorite Riverdale-ins.  Have been reinvented several times.  As kids, tweens, superheroes, adults, zombie survivalists. Now they’re going one on one.  With the 80’s cult alien The Predator.  It’s odd, because they’re always going to remind me.  As the suburban kids.  Who were worried, about high school.  They’d occasionally have Scooby-Doo/Josie and The Pussycats adventures.  And before I forget there was a cartoon in the late 90’s – early 2000’s.  Entitled Archie’s Weird Mysteries.  So placing The Predator in, Riverdale is not silly.  I’d wish it were Freddy or Jason.  Still, I’ll take what I can get.


The pros are, that the character designs.  Are not contemporary, (as in Afterlife with Archie).  They’re drawn like there 80’s counterparts. Also the first issue is not like the classic 80’s film Preadator.   Writer Alex De Campi, of Lady Zorro.  And My Little Pony Friends Forever, fame.  Make it look like as that classic.  Grocery story/book/drug store.  Comic that fans remember.  Artists Fernando Ruiz, of classic Archie fame.  John Workman of Archie, Sonic, and Mega Man fame.  Inks by Rich Koslowski, again of Archie Fame.  Round out the comic.


The point is this series is in great hands.  Betty and Veronica are still fighting, for Archie’s affections.  Reggie is being a total “jerk.”   And Jughead’s total and complete Zen.  He’s still that happy go lucky chow hound.  And his “appetite,” got the gang.  An all paid trip to an remote island.  So it does act and feel like classic Archie.  Until we find out that The Predator is on the island too.  Although, he’s just viewing them.  Through his “Predator,” vision.  He’s barely in the story.  And the anticipation could drive fans crazy.  But what it lacks in a survival story.  We do get an nostalgic Archie comic.


So what’s the plot?  Well Dilton wants to put together some yearbook pics.  So he decides that the girls.  Should have an best dressed contest. Betty and Veronica attempt to out do each other.  Betty and Veronica have a cat fight.  Causing Archie to crash into Ronnie.  And giving Betty an bloody nose.  She runs off and finds an hidden temple.  And takes back an relic.  That belongs to the Predator I’m guessing.   The gang does search for Betty through the jungle.  Never noticing the blood dripping from the trees.  So this is just an setup.  As no one will die on the island.  The hunt will take place in good ‘ol Riverdale.


The Fein-al Verdict.

I’ve recently heard of Archie meeting The Punisher.  I could only imagine, how messed up that was.  I keep going around and around.  And I just find this to be some smart Archie fan fiction.  It’s a shame that Alex didn’t write.  For Broken Lizard’s Club Dread. It doesn’t have to be too violent.  To have a good time.  I’ve always been fond of Betty.  As in she has a brain, sweet.  And always optimistic, Veronica just has money.  She’s been ordinary and one dimensional.  Betty searching through the temple.  Was a great idea.  Memo to Alex, how’s about.  An Betty/Laura Croft Crossover next time.

Just (hands folded), asking.

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Archie's Here, Veronica is Here, Betty is Here, Reggie is Here. Jughead is Here, Hey Predator? Where are you?!!!

It looks and feels like an classic. 80's Supermarket/Spinner, Archie comic. Also check out the Sabrina Meets Hellboy Page. One of the most intriguing crossover/s to date.

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  1. Thanks for reviewing this article. I Absolutely loved this first article. I definitely am also looking forward to what happens next and who lives vs who dies!

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