Review of Bat-Mite (2015) #2

Bat-Mite #2

Bat-Mite #2

NANANANANANANANANA BAT-MITE! That’s right! It’s Bat-Mite #2! I’ll be giving you my spoiler filed review of the second issue of this 6 issue mini series from DC Comics!

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Bat-Mite is the 6 issue mini series that will end all comedic comics from DC ever! Dan Jurgens’s writing, and Corin Howell’s art are just what I needed in my life! This book is fun! Both in light and dark humor, and it’s very refreshing compared to the rest of the Converged DC You! <—-I’m sorry the DC You! that is the worst universe name ever. I get that they want to be inclusive of everyone that reads comics, as well as new readers. However that slogan is just lame! Heck Bat-Mite himself could come up with something catchier! Speaking of which this time around in the pages of Bat-Mite we continue the mind swapping story!

Bat-Mite #2 Page 2


Dan Jurgens made me laugh so many times this issue. If I was drinking milk at the time… it most likely would have ended up coming out of my nose! I love the way he writes Bat-mite. Sure the little guy can be annoying at times, but Dan Jurgens is writing him in a way where he is a very sympathetic character. So you’ll remember from lat issue, Dr. Agony or whatever her name is wants to switch brains and bodies with Hawkman. Oh yeah Bat-Mite’s nickname for Hawkman is Hawkster. It kinda reminds me of Hulkster, ya know for Hulk Hogan! So unlike MXYZPTLK, Bat-Mite wants to help the heroes in his own way. I love how Jurgens goes out of his way to tell us that he does this in secret, it just seems to go easier that way. Well that’s what Bat-mite says in this issue.

Bat-Mite #2 Page 3

So Bat-Mite needs to figure out how to save Hawkster, and he eventually does. A few things I have questions about as far as the writing goes… Other than being from the 5th Dimension, can we get his powers explained? I’m sure I could just google it, but I wanna know from the creative team on this series. I mean as Dr. Whatever her name is… Dr. Trauma I think… yeah that’s it. She calls them parlor tricks, and they kind of are. But I’d like a bit more explanation, because didn’t in the first issue the council say he’d have no powers? So I’m a bit unclear on that for this issue. Other than that the rest of the writing is solid. Jurgens gives character depth and growth to Bat-Mite, and it’s nice to see that. I love reading him out in the world trying to effect other people’s lives besides Batman!

Bat-Mite #2 Page 4


Corin Howell continues to impress me with her amazing art style! I love how she draws the book and the characters. Normally I’m not a fan of underwater scenes in any medium, but look at that image above….. JUST WOW that looks amazing!!!! Bat-Mite under water mission achievement unlocked! michael Atiyeh is the colorist here along with Corin, and wow the colors. Not only are they bright and dark in all the right places. They pop off the page. I swear the image below was gonna jump right off my computer screen!!! So good. Backgrounds, characters, and everything in between this art team is killer in the quality of work here! I will never ever ever say anything bad about Corin’s art here, because every panel is just so damn good. This woman has recently arrived in the mainstream of comics, and she has knocked it outta the park!

Final Thoughts:

Overall issue #2 of Bat-Mite was FUN, that’s the entire message I get out of this mini series. To sit back read the book and HAVE FUN! Looking forward to issue #3 and seeing where the story goes! You can get Bat-Mite #2 from Comixology digitally or any of your local comic shops!

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Bat-Mite #2 brings the funny, and the seriousness all at the same time. It's a FUN refreshingly light, yet dark book. That gives Bat-Mite more character development in 2 issues than we've had in the past 75 years!

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