Review of Bat-Mite (2015) #3

Bat-Mite #3

Bat-Mite #3

NANANANANANANANANA BAT-MITE! That’s right! It’s Bat-Mite #3! I’ll be giving you my spoiler filed review of the third issue of this 6 issue mini series from DC Comics!

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Bat-Mite is the 6 issue mini series that will end all comedic comics from DC ever! Dan Jurgens’s writing, and Corin Howell’s art are just what I needed in my life! <— What I said last review…. and it still rings true! This time around though Bat-Mite lends a helping hand to the stiff upper lipped Dickhead Damian Wayne aka Robin! Any of you that have listened to my podcasts or read my reviews should know by now… I LOATHE Damian Wayne as Robin. I really wish that he was NEVER created. Bruce Wayne does not need a biological son. OK… I’m getting off my soap box now. Bat-Mite #3 is very FUN, the art is amazing as per usual, and there’s even a poke at the current generation.

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Dan Jurgens continues to have with the writing in this series. As the man should be able to do, after all it is BAT-MITE! First of all I love how Bat-Mite’s “home” life is shaping up to be the comedy aspect of the book. Secondly… a team up with Robin… let us hope BM can teach the boy blunder to lighten up!!!! There’s just so much Bat goodness that Jurgens throws into the writing. First off Bat-Mite’s snoring, and taking a million year shower…That’s just too funny. Then we have Bat-Mite summoning his inner Adam West, with all the Batman ’66 lines and phrasing. I love that Dan Jurgens was able to pull that off, and not make it feel like the reader doesn’t know where it comes from. So the jest of the story here is that Bat-Mite has to save Robin, from the new villain Gridlock!!! No Gridlock has nothing to do with traffic, yet his powers can stop you in your tracks!

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When I first read this issue, I wasn’t sure what to think at first. On my second reading of it, I feel better about the jabs at social media. Dan Jurgens did not say anything that isn’t correct. This day and age everything about online life is based on social media. What I find strange about this story here in Issue #3 is that Gridlock while looking young, seems to be an old man on the inside. We do not see under his mask or anything. But the way Dan writes the story… It’s like hey what happened to the good ole days. So why do I find this strange? Well this is BAT-MITE it just doesn’t seem like a commentary on today’s generation fits the character. Because Bat-Mite seems to be all about having fun and letting loose. I bet he een has social media profiles. Even though he is from another dimension. I know I’m nitpicking here, and honestly it doesn’t bother me that these aspects of the story are there… I just thought I’d point it out a being strange. As the issue ends we learn who the next team up will be. Booster Gold…… god I hope Bat-Mite puts that arrogant jerk in his place!

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Corin Howell continues to impress me with her amazing art style! The colors in this issue are amazing!!! They totally pop off the pages!!! Bat-Mite is supposed to be fun folks, we know this right? Well it took my second read through to realize in the beginning when the roommate scene was going on… he took his towel off and we saw Bat-Mite’s Butt! I never thought that’d ever happen. Really love the way Corin draws and colors Bat-Mite in this issue. All his powers play well within the art. I’m hoping for a few more looney tunes or tiny toons gags before this series ends. I also wanna see more Bat-Mite with the Batmobile!

Final Thoughts:

Overall issue #3 of Bat-Mite was FUN, but at the same time bring to light messages of social relevance. At least that’s what I got out of this issue. Looking forward to issue #4 and seeing where the story goes! You can get Bat-Mite #3 from Comixology digitally or any of your local comic shops!

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Bat-Mite #3 continues parts of the mini series, and yet almost seems like a one off issue. I know it's not, because of the continuity with Bat-Mite's life. It just felt like a one shot, and not part of a 6 issue miniseries. I very much enjoyed the issue though.

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