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Batgirl 20 finds our heroine dealing with the emotional fallout of the previous issue, and a NEW Ventriloquist!  SPOILERS BELOW!!!


Gail Simone is one of the best writers I’ve ever read in anything. Especially with Barabara/Batgirl. It seems Simone is able to tap into emotions of the character like I’ve never seen. In #20 we get introduced to a NEW Ventriloquist. This aint no Scarface ladies and gents, and it is even more twisted than that story ever was.

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Gail Simone continues her amazing job at writing wonderful characters! In Batgirl #20 we meet Shauna, a girl who is teased throughout her young life. until one fateful day at a birthday party she gets inspired by the Ventriloquist that shows up. This new character Shauna reminds me of both the Mean Seasons villain from BTAS and Ace from JLU-Batman Beyond. Moreso of Ace…. it is going to be very interesting where Gail Simone takes this character.

I love the whole scene between Babs and her therapist. Of course she’s gonna need to talk to someone, after all there is a lot of stuff happening in her life. What I love about the scene is just how coy, and evasive Barbara is being. I enjoy how she can tell a story without revealing that she is Batgirl. I’ve always wondered with the rest of the Bat Family just who they’d fight besides Batman’s main rogues… The answer is create new rogues for them that we haven’t seen. Granted The Ventriloquist is a part of Batman’s rogues, but NOT this version of the character. Ahhh Batgirl #21 can’t get here fast enough.

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The art in BG gets better and better every issue, however I wish they’d stick with one artist. The art in #20 is done by Fernado Passarin. It’s eye popping and engaging art, but I like consistency in seeing names on books. I’m by no means saying the style of art here in #20 is bad. Far from it… just wish they’d stick with one artist. I think starting with this issue that they do, as I’ve looked ahead and it’s the same people through 21-23. So yay consistency!

I love the Ventriloquist’s design. It reminds me of the villain in the BTAS ep Mean Seasons, while being so much darker than that. The dummy does resemble Scarfacec a bit in design, which is a nice touch. I’m not sure about Babs blackening out her Bat Emblem on her chest, that seems strange to me. I’ll go with it thought, because I know she’s trying to erase a few memories. Again the desings are great, and the art is amazing. What I have loved about reading any of the Bat Books is that no matter who the artist is they each have their own take, yet nothing feels like a departure of what came before them.

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Final Thoughts:

If you haven’t been reading Batgirl, now’s the time to start. #20 does still have themes left over from #19 and the past, but I feel for a NEW reader this issue would be a perfect jumping on point. Batgirl #20 is in comic shops everywhere as well as online comic sites. Go get it now I’m tellin ya you won’t be disappointed.

Final Rating


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