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Batgirl 21 finds Barbara still dealing with her brother’s “death”, and trying to decide whether she wants to wear the Bat anymore. We also get the conclusion of The Ventriloquist’s story for now….. This will be a SPOILER FREE Review!!!

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Nightwing stops by Batgirl #21!!! This was awesome. I’ve always liked when the Bat Family characters can crossover for a few pages. That is just awesome. We find Barbara as she is emotionally broken, from everything that has been going on in her life. Dick tries reaching out to her, but she is pulling away from everyone.

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I can’t say enough how well Gail Simone’s writing is. I love the 2 part arc between issue 20 and here in 21. It’s like watching a two part cartoon or tv show. I just love what she is doing with Barbara. As I said in a previous review, I love how Babs can tell her roommate the things that are going on in her life without saying hey I’m Batgirl. Shauna and Ferdie are continuing the torture of the singer/judge. The writing is so amazing, basically it seems that thedummy is alive, and at times isn’t even in the same room as Shauna. Gail Simone is keeping the effect of Shauna controlling Ferdie a secret for now. however, seeing the writing between these two characters is just amazing.

There are times when Shauna is jealous that Ferdie wants other women. It is one strange “relationship” Over the last few years Batgirl has seen a lot of Death, but nothing like what she encounters here. It just horrifies her, and I’m sure it would horrify everyone. The story wraps up very nicely, at the same time leaving it open for Shauna and Ferdie to return at some point. If you aren’t reading Batgirl, and you love any version of the character. You need to drop everything and go read these issues.

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Thankfully Fernando Passarin is back on art again this issue. As with the writing, I love how Fernando and Booth might have collaborated on the designs. Specifically to Nightwing being in this issue. The design on Shauna and Ferdie are creepy as all hell, and they are supposed to be that way. I think it looks so damn good. I love how Barbara looks in and out of costume. I love how dark this issue is in the colors…. It’s just so great to see how well a dark palette can tell such an amazing story.

Final Thoughts:

Batgirl 21 was amazing to read, it was so great I read it twice. As I said before if you like any of the incarnations of Barbara Gordon/Batgirl you need to be reading this series!!!! I can’t wait to see what happens next month!!!!

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