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Batgirl 22 picks up right where issue 21 left off. I mean immediately, where Babs has to get ready for a date she forgot about.  This will be a SPOILER FREE Review!!!

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In comics I’ve only read three female writers so far. Mairghread Scott on TF Prime Beast Hunters, Christy Marx on Birds of Prey, and Gail Simone here on Batgirl. I’ve seen tv shows, cartoons, and films by female writers, but it’s rare to read a big company book that isn’t by a male writer. Ms. Simone does an amazing job every single issue. The stories do not feel too slow or too fast. The pacing is just right. The storytelling in the Batgirl for DC’s New 52 is amazing. I don’t think would enjoy Batgirl as much if it wasn’t Gail Simone writing the book. She handles the classic Bat characters well, and tells very compelling stories.

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After issue 20 and 21, I wasn’t sure what to expect from #22. Partly because after the two part story that took place in the previous two issues, I wasn’t sure how the setup for the next story arc would be handled. Boy was I surprised when I read this. I’m glad that this is a slow build up to the next event Batgirl Wanted! After The new Ventriloquist 2 parter, we needed to sit back and relax. At the same time this issue does have a pulse pounding knee breaking coupla pages! Barbara in a black dress, brown boots, and kicking ass is always a wonderful thing to read. Once again Gail Simone brings some comedy into the story, with Babs and her roommte going back and forth, and then Babs’s quips to the people she has to fight off. It’s gonna be hard for me not to spoil the story, but at the back of the issue Batman and Commissioner Gordon have a chat. We also saw from the preview that ComicVine had, Barbara and her dad going to the gun range. In short Batgirl #22 is just as amazing as every other issue of BG that I’ve read.

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I believe Fernando Passarin is full time on Batgirl now. However do not quote me on that! The art from him continues to impress me. Specifically to this issue, and seeing Babs out of costume the entire time. I freakin’ loved every moment of it. The designs on Jim Gordon and Batman are awesome, the backgrounds and layouts make Gotham look like a damn fine city at night, and even during the day. Love the design on Barbara Gordon, and how she is drawn. Just love everything about the art!!

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Final Thoughts:

Batgirl #22 does not disappoint, and it sets up for the next event. However it doesn’t do a superficial job of setting it up. It takes the emotional road, and shows you even more inside Barbara’s head. I freakin’ loved it, and can not wait for Batgirl #23: Batgirl Wanted!

I thought I’d add in a quote from brian Ward of Shout Factory about Batgirl: 

— Brian Ward (@BWard028) July 11, 2013


Final Rating:


Batgirl #22 #4

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