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Batgirl #25 is A ZERO YEAR tie-in. Here we will see what Barbara was doing during the time only known as the ZERO YEAR! This will be a SPOILER FREE Review!!!

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As most of you know I’m not a fan of changing writers in Comics. Well for the most part. I find someone who I like and want to stick with them. When I found out that Gail Simone would NOT be writing Batgirl #25 her ZERO YEAR tie in… I was super skeptical. Then I read several interviews with the woman who would be penning the issue. You can read the interviews with Marguerite Bennett here and here. After reading these interviews, my skepticism was put at ease.

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Ms. Bennett does an amazing job capturing the voice of a younger Barbara Gordon. She even makes James Jr. be as creepy as he turned out to be. That is not a spoiler, if you have been reading Batgirl since it began and especially since the DEATH OF THE FAMILY storyline. It’s very interesting to see a young Babs realize her father means more than just her physical home. As far as being the protector of the homestead. I like how Marguerite approaches this with the character. It was a very interesting read, and fans of the series will not be disappointed, just because it isn’t Gail writing it. The story structure is awesome, and as a one shot flashback kinda tale it works well. We see a DESPERATE side to Gotham, as the DARK CITY envelops it’s citizens. In this line of writing, as in any real life situation when disaster hits, people will become desperate. It might be sadistic for me to say this, but I loved reading and looking at this story in the eyes of desperate people. I’ve lived through a few hurricanes myself, and they are very very scary. So in the writing Marguerite makes it a point when Babs’s monologuing to herself that these aren’t criminals. They are just people who are scared. That’s what makes this story so damn good, the depth of the writing!

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Fernando Pasarin and Jonathan Glapion are still on art duties within Zero Year. I really enjoyed the way they did the backgrounds, the way they structured the action as it fit the story. I really dig Babs’s look here as well. I can’t say enough good things about Alex Garner’s covers. Ever since BG #21 they have all be stellar!!! I love the way the art is during the action scenes, when people are trying to get to higher ground. The image above shows the cop car in the rain, and wow that’s just cool how illustrators can do that kinda thing. They make it look so real. As if it’s popping off the page. Yes I know it’s a simple image, but I find striking things in the simplest of imagery.

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Final Thoughts:

Batgirl #25 is again a great read! You have to grab this to catch a glimpse of what a young Babs was up to during the time of the ZERO YEAR! If you have been a fan of the Gail Simone run at all, you will not be disappointed with BG #25 at all!!!! Go get it now!!!!!

Final Rating:


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