Review of Batgirl #26 – Batgirl Wanted Conclusion

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Batgirl #26 is the conclusion to the BATGIRL WANTED arc! Will Babs reveal her identity? Time will only tell! This will be a SPOILER FREE Review!!!

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Holy batfangs! I’ve been waiting impatiently for this! The WANTED story ends here, or is this only the beginning? i’m still thrilled by Alex Garner’s covers for Batgirl EVERY MONTH!!! Absolutely love them!!!! Thankfully the cover is NOT A LIE…. sort of, and that isn’t a spoiler.

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Gail Simone is the only writer of Barbara Gordon-Batgirl I ever want to read. She handles Babs so well, and the world around her! In this epic conclusion we get so many awesome moments. Basically Batgirl and Jim Gordon are trapped in the Gordon home. They then have to face off against all of the foes we have seen Knightfall use against Batgirl! Now you might be thinking… not TFG1Mike you just told us the entire story, but no iI didn’t. Because all of this issue is way more emotionally charged than just a super villian team up against the Gordons. We see the struggles Babs goes through, and her thought process over the past few years as far as being back as Batgirl. We see that Knightfall is willing to do anything to unite the gangs in Gotham. Simone writes the Gordon family so well. Between the action packed and the emotionally charged issues that affect Batgirl in this… it’s hard to not love this ongoing. You will have to read for yourself what really happens. All is I can say about Gail Simone’s writing is that it’s top notch, and only getting better!

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Daniel Sampere takes over this issue for the pencils, and I must say that I really enjoy the way he draws the comic. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy Fernando Pasarin as well, but here Sampere does an amazing job with the designs and emotions conveyed by every single character. Then there is the bacgrounds and the way Batgirl’s suit is shown off. Absolutely love them both. The action scenes are well lit, and colored beautifully. All around the art here is fantastic!

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Final Thoughts:

IF you can’t tell… Batgirl #26 is a satisfying conclusion to the BATGIRL WANTED storyline, and I’m interested to see where Smone takes her next. I do know that she will be in Gothtopia, so we’ll have to see what that adventure brings us in 2014! Go get Batgirl #26 now!!!!

Final Rating:


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