Review of Batgirl #27 – Different World, SAME HERO!

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Batgirl #27 is here, as we enter GOTHTOPIA! What kinda of strange land is this, and how does it effect Barbara Gordon? THIS WILL BE A SPOILER FREE Review!


So they’ve thrown Batgirl aka BlueBelle into GOTHTOPIA…this is gonna be very interesting. I’m not sure where I wanted to see Babs go or where I wanted to see her story go after the Batgirl Wanted Event. However this is a nice little story to throw her into. I think we needed a mystery story of who the… how the… what the…? After the events of the WANTED arc. Gail Simone provides that here. 

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So with Batgirl being tied into the GOTHTOPIA arc of Detective Comics, we have that story here. We start off with a day in the life of Angela Ramirez, can’t say too much about her, but her character is interesting. Then we are introduced to the Gordon Family Home. Where Father and Daughter are starting their days. What’s so interesting in Simone’s writing here is the COMPLETE opposite of events that have already happened. The fact that her mom and brother are still in the picture, and everything is all bright shiny and new! The characterization of Jim Gordon and his daughter is very well done, and it seems to be the general characterization that they would have had in the real world. Ya know if Babs wasn’t Batgirl. 

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The greatest thing about Gail Simone writing THESE characters is that she can take a character and flip the script on it, and yet the reader’s still love said character. Take Knightfall/Daybreak…. In one world she is a woman of evil, in another she’s Barbara’s crimefighting partner. I’m very much enjoying Babs in Gothtopia, and this story was very well executed. Who knew something sooo good could kill ya? 

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With this being GOTHTOPIA I was interested to see what artist that they would use. I didn’t think Pasarin or Sampere would be used, and come to find out it’s Robert Gill doing the art, with Blond being the colorist. Because this is GOTHTOPIA I figured it would be BRIGHT, SHINY, and NEW!! The art reflects that, and I think it’s a very interesting contrast to what Gotham really is. The character designs are all very well done, and I kinda like the White and Blue BG costume.

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Final Thoughts:

Batgirl #27 is a intriguing storyline, and I’m interested to see what will happen in Detective Comics #28. I am interested to see how the events of Gothtopia effect Batgirl in the future, and really looking forward to the next storyline. Go get Batgirl #27 now!!!!

Final Rating:


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