Review of Batgirl #28 – Introducing…SILVER!

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Batgirl #28 is here, and we find ourselves fascinated by Gail Simone’s ability to craft a wonderful story for Babs! THIS WILL BE A SPOILER FREE Review!

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Once again thanks to my friend TV’s Mr. Neil for combining the covers. Check out his webcomic Daisen!

EVERY TWIST AND TURN…..Just when I thought I had Batgirl figured out. Gail Simone sneaks up behind me, and pulls the rug out from under me. Seriously Simone can do no wrong with this title. you can tell the care she puts into crafting each tale. Now with the WANTED arc behind us, we start a brand new arc with a brand NEW Villain SILVER! This issue for a starting point is great! After the epic and emotional WANTED arc, what we needed was something that was an action packed adventure! That’s exactly what we have the start of here. 

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Once again I’m floored with the Batgirl universe Simone has crafted. Since putting the cowl back on Babs has gone up against every kind of villain I can think of. It’s not often that I see “supporting” characters have their own unique set of rogues, but BG has em. And I do not mean that Batgirl is stuck in Batman’s shadow, when I said supporting characters, but that’s where she originated. The way Gail Simone is crafting this first chapter of the Silver arc, I can anticipate twists and turns that you’ll never see coming. I’m expecting high shock value kinda things from this story. 

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This issue to me kinda felt like an episode of Law & Order: SVU. IN A GOOD way. You have the first team up here in BG of her and Strix since the first Annual. I love how they interact. Because Strix can’t speak it’s like watching a game of charades.  It’s very interesting to me that a character like Silver would think that the Bat family are all real vampires. Whilst I’m not the biggest fan of vampire stories, I’m very much loking forward to seeing how this all plays out. Characters are very well written as per usual. And Simone leaves us dangling off the cliff in this first part of a brand new arc. 

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Pasarin and Glapion continue to excel with the art here. This might be Pasarin’s best issue yet. Now like with nightwing, BG’s ongoing has had numerous artists over the last two years or so. Sometimes I like the change in artists, and other times not so much. Pasarin has been doing an excellent job in my mind when he’s on the book. The design of Silver is very GQ, and he kinda reminds me of Frost from the first Blade film. As far as the covers… Alex Garner is the MAN when it comes to awesome Batgirl covers. There’s not a single cover that he has done that I haven’t liked or loved.

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Final Thoughts:

Yet again I found this issue to be perfect, the writing, the art, everything came together well. YES I could nitpick and say that BG called Strix “baby” a few times to many… as Gotham Spoilers pointed out. But I don’t take points off just for that in my rankings. Batgirl #28 is the start to a intriguing storyline. Go get Batgirl #28 now!!!!

Final Rating:


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