Review of Batgirl #29 – A Conspiracy of Bats!

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Batgirl #29 is here, and we see the conclusion to the two part story featuring the BRAND NEW Villain SILVER!! THIS WILL BE A SPOILER FREE Review!

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I can’t remember where I read it, but SOMEWHERE online stated that the best thing about the Batgirl ongoing is that Gail Simone can masterfully tell stories in two or three chapter arcs, without having or needing to go on year long stories. This has been very true, and I’m loving the way this story turned out. normally I’m not a fan of vampires, werewolves, and zombies… OH MY! However Gail Simone made this story very enjoyable, and it felt more like an episode of Angel, rather than something out of the Twilight films. 

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I’m really not sure how the hell I’m gonna write this, without spoiling the issue. I will say that the writing is still spectacular. The way Simone writes Babs and Strix’s friendship is great. We do see that the child isn’t all we thought she was. That was a twist I wasn’t expecting at all. The dialogue between all the characters in this story is wonderfully crafted. 

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The way Simone writes the story from both Silver and Batgirl’s point of view is great. Because he seems to see what he wants, as evident from the above image. Where we see Batgirl and Strix as some strange vampiric hallucinations. It’s very noble what Batgirl is trying to do… I mean that’s the whole Bat-Family mantra save everyone you can. On the other hand Strix is willing to punish the people who took the girl. It is an interesting team up for sure, who knew that a Bat Family member and a former Talon could ever work well together? But Gail Simone makes them work very well. 

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Pasarin and Glapion continue to excel with the art here. The designs and colors for the vampire versions of BG and Strix are simply beautiful. They are epically drawn and colored. I love the nod to how Batman sometimes wears his cape in the later pages of this issue. The colors are bright and dark at the same time in this issue, and they fit together so well. You wouldn’t expect that with this type of story. However Pasarin and Glapion make it wok very well.

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Final Thoughts:

Yet again I found this issue to be perfect, the writing, the art, everything came together well. I will go ahead and say that I’m not too thrilled that the next storyline got pushed back to Issues 31-33. BUT I am happy that they are tapping Bennett again to pen the issue #30 story. She did a great job with the ZERO YEAR issue. Batgirl #29 is the conclusion to a intriguing storyline. Go get Batgirl #29 now!!!!

Final Rating:


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