Review of Batgirl #30 – The Midnight Man Strikes!

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Batgirl #30 is here! This is Marguerite Bennett’s issue #30. Apparently Gail Simone’s next arc got push back a month. The third supernatural event  happens in Batgirl’s life when the Midnight Man strikes! THIS WILL BE A SPOILER FREE Review!

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I have ZERO complaints about Marguerite Bennett writing Batgirl again. She clearly wants to follow the continuity that Gail Simone has set up. And after the Wanted arc, and the Silver story, it’s interesting to see almost a one shot story here. Although I’m sure somehow The Midnight Man will return! The one thing with this issue is that it MIGHT spoil the final Fate of Nightwing. As Forever Evil 7 and NW 30 were supposed to be out by now, but got delayed til the end of May! 

I’ll go ahead and explain my enjoyment of this issue, as well as defend my stance on the fact that I’m not a horror fan at all. 

#1: WHY I like this issue… Well that is simple I had friends as a kid who did the sayance stuff all the time, and it freaked me the hell out. Sure nothing happened, but that is one reason why i enjoyed the story here. Because it reminded me of all the times I thought something WOULD happen.

#2 WHY I’m NOT a horror fan…..Deep down I scare easily. That would be the most simple answer. Hell Unsolved Mysteries and Beyond Belief, both scared the crap outta me. Plus there was the time when I was 6 when my mom let me watch Nightmare on Elm Street. Ever since then, I’m no horror fan. I do not HaTE the genre, I just FEAR it respectfully.



When I first brought this issue home, I guess I wasn’t ready to properly read it. I DID read it, but by the 10th page I was like I need to put this down for now. On that first reading, I felt that the monologue was a little long. HOWEVER on my second reading, I feel that the monologue is just fine. It mixes well with the story that is going on here. Bennett’s writing is very well done. It’s strange seeing BG enter a private residence, without the fact that a Bat Family member might be in danger. However Bennett explains it very well. I’d say that would be my only nitpick with the writing. 


I love how Bennett starts the story with one trope, and ends it with another. The way she writes the plot of this issue, makes you not really realize it’s tropy. There are times like this issue where a trope doesn’t seem as bad as most of them usually are. It is also nice that we have a different “villain” for Batgirl other than her psychotic brother and Knightfall. The overarcing story here might not play a major role in future Batgirl stories, but the little things Bennett adds in here and there will. 



Robert Gill is back on the art here, and I gotta say it all looks excellent! The backgrounds, colors, and shading are all very well done. I’ll also say that the Midnight Man’s ooze like design does remind me of the Venom Symibote’s liquid look in Spider-Man 3. I think that Gill and the colorist pull it off better here. However I couldn’t help to make the comparison. The way the Midnight Man moves, and how Batgirl fights him all look exceptional. I love how Gill draws Batgirl’s cape, I know that sounds weird, but it’s true. It’s something very major to her costume, that if drawn, shaded, or colored incorrectly… could have fanboys screaming! However Mr. Gill does a fantastic job, he also does awesome work on the Midnight Man’s mimicking ability. Now that was just downright creepy good art.


Final Thoughts:

Yet again I found this issue to be perfect, the writing, the art, everything came together well. I am VERY happy that they got Bennett back again to pen this story in issue #30. She did a great job with the ZERO YEAR issue. Batgirl #30 is a nice little filler issue, without actually being filler.  Go get Batgirl #30 now!!!!

Final Rating:


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