Review of Batgirl #32 – Deadline Part One: The Razors Under the Floorboards

Batgirl #32 is here! This story was originally supposed to happen in issue #31, but here we are and we find that Batgirl is being hunted by a spy ring! THIS WILL BE A SPOILER FREE Review!

So I have to say this before I get into my review… This was the first Batgirl issue I’ve read digitally, besides issue #0. However really I count this as my first issue… because up until now I’ve been getting the print editions. I’ll still be buying BG #32 in print, but I FREAKIN’ love reading BG on Comixology’s Guide View technology. It brings the story even more to life for me than reading the print edition. I’ve noticed recently that I seem to enjoy the digital reading of comics more than the print reading. Maybe it’s because while holding the issue in my hand and attempting to follow the story my mind wanders away. I’m not sure, but with the digi way of reading it engages me more. OK now onto the review…!

BG #2 Cover

Back when this was originally supposed to be issue #31 I was super stoked about this cover. I still am now, and Alex Garner has the BEST Batgirl Covers EVER! He makes them so realistic, almost as if they could be in an art museum!

BG #32 Deadline Part 1 Title Acreen

So Babs has been through a lot lately….. and by that I mean AFTER the “Wanted” storyline. Issues #27-31 have seen her world turn even more upside down. I will say that I LOVE how Simone works in the 5 year DC Universe jump. I was kinda worried about it honestly, because Batgirl was going so well as a title BEFORE this Future’s End stuff. I’m by no means saying Simone’s writing has gotten bad. FAR From it. If anything she has kicked it up another notch. The greatest thing about the Batgirl title is the characters and the situations Barbara finds herself in. As I said before, this will be a SPOILER FREE Review of BG #32, but I have to ask the question …………………..

BG #32 Deadline Part 1 Image 0

^Does the above image mean anything other then Babs walking in on Alysia? Babs and Jo share many of the same physical attributes. #1 the RED Hair. So is Ms. Simone attempting to tell us that secretly Alysia wants to be dating Babs? I’m not trying to start controversy here, It’s just something that occurred to me while reading the issue. I honestly do not believe that was Simone’s intention, and I might be reading too much into it. Because we have seen that Alysia and Babs are very good friends at this point in the book. And nothing more than that. BUT I had to point out the potential of Alysia’s subconscious mind. Anyways………… onto the spoiler free review!

BG #32 Deadline Part 1 Image 1


Once again I will commend Simone for juggling plotlines so well. Between Babs’s personal and then her costumed life… It’s almost as if she should be the new jugller at Amusement Mile…. oh way the Joker destroyed that, and by doing so ruined Nightwing’s dream of being THE RING MASTER. OK So enough of the past…..I don’t think I’ve read a comic to this point outside of Nightwing in the New 52… That introduces characters so fluidly, and effortlessly. So the general storyline in this issue is that BG can’t get a break. Whether it be in her personal life or the costumed life. Knightfall also packs all her operations up and leaves no traces of anything before Batgirl can even bust them.

BG #32 Deadline Part 1 Image 2

^I love the image above here, because it comes at a time during the story when BG really gets to show her frustration. While some reviewers might say… oh Gail you are just going back to the old standard of having Knightfall be Batgirl’s main rogue. But honestly the way this first part of the Deadline story starts…. Knightfall is really a side character. At least that’s what i took out of it. Because we have Batgirl hunting her operations, while Charise herself is stuck in traffic in front of the Gotham Theatre. She is more worried about missing another opera than facing off with Batgirl. I love how Simone writes in a flashback to when Babs attended Gotham University. That sets up the rest of this issue, which I’m not even gonna mention, because it would be spoiling your fun of reading the issue. The greatest thing about Simone writing Batgirl is that she has crafted such a interesting world, and only a few times has BG relied on Batman or the other Bat Family members. While she is based in Gotham City… it’s like she has her own corner carved out. I like that. for the simple fact that you don’t have to move BG outta Gotham in order for her life to be interesting. After all she still has her dad the now ex commissioner in Gotham, and her roommate, as well as her boyfriend Ricky.


BG #32 Deadline Part 1 Image 3

Pasarin, Glapion, and Blond the Colorist! These three men make Batgirl’s world look so damn beautiful! The art, inks, and colors in this issue are all very well done. I like a lot of the closeups on BG when she gets mad, at the same time some of the closeups on Knightfall…. well…. Maybe it’s just I don’t find her that attractive, but yikes… A few of Charise’s expressions make her look like a troll from Frozen to me. Other than that minor nitpick this issue’s art is amazingly well done. As I said before I LOVE the closeups on Batgirl’s costume, and the pull in shots on her face while in costume. They all look so well done. Even though it’s not pictured here in the review… I LOVE how BG has an explosive alarm armed. As you can see she is walking away from her van in the above image…. Right after this she is shown using a car faub to arm the explosive alarm. I guess you’d need that feature in a costume crimefighter’s life right?

BG #32 Deadline Part 1 Image 4

Final Thoughts:

Batgirl #32 really brings me back to the awesomeness that is this title! What I love the most is in the above image here… Gail’s writing and analysis of Babs is spot on. She’s a crimefighter in Gotham, yet everyone around her in her personal life is all about being CVriminals. OK Gordon is a cheat, because he was set up. However the rest it’s like BG can’t help herself, but to be surrounded by criminals. Overall even with my minor nitpicks with the art, this issue was a perfect jumping on point for any new readers. It’s also a perfect issue for the readers that have been with the series since the beginning.  Go get Batgirl #32 now!!!!

BG #32 Deadline Part 1 Image 5

Review Overview

Batgirl #32 is batastic fun!

Not Reading Batgirl #32 is Criminal!

Batgirl #32 starts the DEADLINE storyline, and brings you into the world of BG in Gotham City so well. Whether you are a first time reader or an old faithful follower!

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