Review of Batgirl #33 – Deadline Part Two: Enemies and Allies

Batgirl #33 is here! The DEADLINE story continues here! We see the teamup of Batgirl, Black Canary, and The Huntress! THIS WILL BE A SPOILER FREE Review!

BG #33 Cover

LOVE that cover! As I’ve said many times before, Alex Garner does the best Batgirl covers hands down! It felt like ages since Issue #32 came out, but the wait was well worth it, because this issue is filled with awesomeness!!!

BG #33 Page 1


Gail Simone has a penchant for writing amazing comedy moments into a ver serious story. It’s wonderful reading her stories. The way she handles Batgirl’s inner and outer voice is amazing. The banter and the way Canary and Batgirl face off with The Huntress in this is incredible! Because this is the “middle” story of the DEADLINE arc…. there is a LOT of exposition, but Simone writes it so beautifully you barely notice that it’s exposition. I had a very fun time reading this issue, between the banter of BG and Huntress, and the overall story. Simone is firing on all cylanders!

BG #33 Page 2

Gail doesn’t want us to forget Babs’s homelife, so very expertly she brings Babs back to the apartment, and even makes a reference to Gordon attempting to call her during Batman Eternal #313. I LOVE how the entire DC Universe seems to be changing around Barbara, but her world here seems to be mostly unaffected. Well with the exception of her father being in jail, and her brother being alive. The story flows well, there were no real beats in it that made me scratch my head, or say… “what the hell?”


BG #33 Page 3

The team of Pasarin, Glapion, Blond, and Ryan all do the art so much justice. There’s a lot of fun art to look at in this issue, and this team is the best team of artists for dark and gritty Batgirl stories. I mean just look at that group shot above, that is one awesome group shot! And the image where Huntress and Batgirl are staring each other down… WOW. Love the perspective given on that!

Final Thoughts:

Batgirl #33 is a great middle issue of the DEADLINE storyline. It gives us a few fun romps with this trio of female superheroes, and shows each of their personalities very well. Go get Batgirl #33 now!!!!

BG #33 Page 4

Review Overview

A Lighter side of Batgirl is shown here, while the darkness still scraps at the edges of the light.

A Fun Romp with the super heroines of Gotham!

Batgirl #33 takes us through the team of BG BC and The Huntress of getting to know and trust each other. Sure BG and BC know and trust each other, but Huntress just showed up! It's a very fun issue, I think that most everyone will enjoy it.

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