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Batgirl Future’s End #1 is here! This is truly Gail Simone’s final BG issue. In it we jump 5 years into the future! And a ton of stuff happens!!! THIS WILL BE A SPOILER FILLED Review!

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BG Futures End #1 Cover

So I’m not really that impressed with the DC Comics September Events. With ZERO Month there were three comics I liked, those were Batgirl, Nightwing, and Teen Titans #0. YEAH I know Teen Titans, but it was Tim Drake’s Origin. I still think he needs his own Red Robin Series! With Villains month out of the ones I read I thought The Ventriloquist was the best one. With The Future’s End 5 Year jump in the New 52 timeline… I haven’t been all that excited. I loved Bat Eternal until it went all mystically weird. I know that will not last long, but I have yet to catch up. With the rest of Future’s End I just don’t care. HOWEVER…. we have one last story with Gail Simone, so that makes me so happy!!!

Batgirl FE #1 Page 1


I’m really gonna miss Gail Simone and her masterful way of capturing Barbara’s voice. As her final outing with the characters she envelopes the entire run to this point in a Bane Story! We see most if not all of the characters we know. We also see that in total this story takes place Seven Years from now. Because there are two time jumps here. Which is fine. I was hoping that this story would see Babs be happy for more than a two page spread. However Gail brings back arguably Barbara’s #1 nemesis her own brother! Then the havoc ensues!! I would have loved to see more writing with Babs and Steven together, but I get it the story is what it is. What I love about the writing is that AFTER BG went away…… we get Barabara as a spy to all the major criminals in Gotham. That is freaking cool. <– You might be reading that last statement and say, but Mike…. you loathed the notion of Grayson becoming a spy….. what gives here? Well let me tell ya…. this evolves Barbara’s character. It’s not a “hey you need to stay dead, and spy” kinda thing. So we get Babs in all these villain disguises and it’s awesome!!!I love how Simone made her blend in so well.

Batgirl FE #1 Page 2

Then we get THE LEAGUE OF BATGIRLS!!!!! I want THAT to be a series with all the BGs having adventures together!!!! Steph, Cassandra, and Tiffany are the Black Beast Agents. They all kick so much ass!!! Gail tugs at the heart strings with the beginning and then the ending of this book. This is her true sendoff for Batgirl, even though it’s a what if Future story. It doesn’t matter which Batgirl you like the best….. anyone who has loved the character overall…. will love the writing in this book. The writing does kinda have a TDKR feel, but it works so well, because there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


Batgirl FE #1 Page 3

I love the art here!!! Javier Garron does a wonderful job with the designs of the characters and Gotham itself. Seeing the League of Batgirls was amazing. They all have very diffferent costumes, singling each one out and putting a spotlight on her. The design on The Black Beast is intense and very creepy!!! So that’;ll be good for people who wanna see what a female Bane would look like. Since BG started in the New 52 there have been little things here and there that I might have complained about the art, but overall all of the artists that have tackled Batgirl have been wonderful for me. Garron is just another one in a long line of artists that I have liked on this book.

Batgirl FE #1 Page 4

Final Thoughts:

For a possible Future Gail Simone sends Babs off with a bang! Emotions run high, and the action is wonderful here in Batgirl: Future’s End #1. you can get it from your local comic shop now or wherever you get your digital comics! Check it out, any fan of the Simone Era will love the story that is told here!! Next is the NEW Creative team and a BRIGHT new future for Batgirl!!! Batgirl of Burnside arrives in Batgirl #35 this October!!! I’m still skeptical, but I’m gonna give it a shot.

Batgirl FE #1 Page 5

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Simone signs off with the best ending ever!


Batgirl Future's End #1 is the BEST sendoff we could get from Gail Simone. She wrote a story here that is heart wrenchingly wonderful, it will make you laugh and cry all in the same breath.

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