Review of Batman #19

Batman 19 Expanded Cover

Batman 19 finds our hero has turned into a villain! Who could be the one person Bruce Wayne uses a gun on? It’s a twisted tale of awesomeness in Batman 19! SPOILERS BELOW!!!

Batman 19 Expanded Cover

Batman #13 DEATH OF THE FAMILY! Is how I got into comics full time. After that I gradually started reading Batgirl, and Nightwing, after that I expanded into other books I wanted to check out. Even though I found DEATH OF THE AMILY to be sadly atni-climatic, the lead up was awesome. The aftermath of DC’s epic event was both strange, and fun. However Batman 19 brings you a whole new story.

Batman 19 page 1


Ever since Batman #13, Scott Snyder’s writing has kept me on the edge of my seat. Why has Bruce Wayne turned to a life of crime? It can’t be, say it ain’t so Batman! However it’s true batsy has turned to a life of crime. Basically going around the city with his shirt opened revealing he is Batman. The issue starts out with the GCPD at a bank holdup. It turns out that BRUCE WAYNE is the one robbing the bank. Commissioner Gordon even asks him why does he need the money. To which Bruce Says, “You’re right I don’t” Then she shoots, and runs over Gordon with his motorcycle!

Holy crap the first 6 pages of this book are amazing! The writing is well done, and Snyder leads us to believe that this is the real Bruce Wayne. However it flashes back to six days earlier, in which Bruce is still mourning the loss of Damian. We then dive into the apparent suicide of an ally of Batman’s. I love how Snyder has written Clayface into the story, and it’s gonna be a nice ending before the Zero Year!

Batman 19 page 2


Greg Capullo does yet another amazing job! The art and design on the characters of Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon are amazing. I love that they kinda incorporate the Bat Pod as Batman’s Bat Cycle, and that is yet another badass image. I love the lines within the batvave, and the furrowed brow on Alfred’s face, when he is trying to talk to Bruce. One of the greatest things for any of the #19 issues are the splash covers!!! I absolutely love them!!!!!

Final Thoughts:

I was on the edge of my seat reading this entire issue. I might have had it in the back of my mind that it was Clayface, but not really. I didn’t even see that coming. I think that this is a very well written comic, and the story flows. The art is explosive, and somber all at the same time in different places. If you’ve been reading Batman in the NEW 52, then you won’t wanna miss Batman #19.

Overall Score: 10/10

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