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Batman 20 is the conclusion to the Clayface story! So look below to find out just why this story is a FEat Of Clay! SPOILERS BELOW!!!

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As I said last time Batman #19 brought us part one of a whole new story. It’s the New 52 Clayface! In Batman #20 we conclude that story. I’m just loving how Scott Snyder has mapped out the stories in Batman. Even though I haven’t read issues #0-12, I know of the Court of Owls storyline, and plan to read it very soon. As stated last time I started with Death Of The Family. I’m just so surprised everytime a new Bat story comes along. It is a great thing Snyder is doing writing these Batman stories. I’m only reviewing the actual story in these issues, I haven’t been reading the backup stories. Just so the readers know.

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So this is the final chapter before the Zero Year! We pick up where we left off. Clayface has been revealed, and Batman engages him in battle. The interesting thing here is DOES CLAYFACE KNOW THE SECRET? It almost makes you think he does. However Karlo assumes that Batman is an agent of Bruce Wayne, or maybe his bodyguard? Hmmm…. can we say Iron Man anyone? I absolutely loved the Batman Beyond suit reference. Plus he uses the suit!!!! That was just awesome writing from Snyder that he threw it in there. I find it very interesting how Snyder writes this story, because sometimes I couldn’t tell who was who. I do know which was which, but I just really enjoyed that writing. The whole thing of hey can you spot the REAL Batman?

Reading issues 19 and 20 back to back, I’m very thrilled how this story came out. One of the reasons is that it seemed that Batman was moving on past the loss of his son. I know Clayface’s whole gimmick is that he can mimic anyone he comes into contact. however when he mimics the joker, I found it strange that he was talking in Jokertones. Meaning that he uses the Batttssss naming and all that. It’s only a nitpick, and doesn’t take away from my overall enjoyment of the issue.

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Greg Capullo does things with clay that seem just impossible! This issue has a lot of action between Batman and Clayface, and Capullo’s designs of Clayface are just simply amazing. The fact that he works in Bruce’s face and The joker’s face during the battle was just eye popping. I love seeing Bruce’s car being thrown around, and the fact that Capullo does a very interesting design on the future Bat suit. I’m so stoked to see what Greg Capullo does with Zero Year, because his art so far has just been so awesome!!!!!!

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Final Thoughts:

I love Snyder’s payoff in this issue. As stated above the writing and art are just amazing! I went all fanboy love with the Batman Beyond reference. This was a nice little interlude story to prepare us for ZERO YEAR next month!!! If you’ve been reading Batman in the NEW 52, then you won’t wanna miss Batman #20.

Final Rating: 


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