Review of Batman #24 – ZERO YEAR! Dark City Part 1

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Batman #24 starts the Dark City Saga in Batman’s ZERO YEAR!!!! Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo craft The NEW 52 Origin of The Batman! Steve/Megatron and TFG1Mike team up to give you a SPOILER FREE review of the first  chapter in Dark City. Let the ZERO YEAR continue, and here we go!

Batman #24 Cover

The Batman #24 cover is awesome!!! Simply because it’s the cowl! And within the issue we see it used very well.

Mike’s Review of Batman #24:

FINALLY!!!!! The story has amped up!!!!! In Batman #24 we see Bruce don the cowl! I love the story Snyder is telling in this DOUBLE SIZED issue. It’s Batman vs Red Hood One! There are many nods to previous Bat incarnations. Overall it was a very enjoyable read from page one to the end. I love Capullo’s art, it’s simply amazing! There is so much awesome in the way he draws Batman, and the designs on Gotham. In this new arc of Zero Year we have Dark City! I’m loving the direction that Zero Year is going now. Over the past two issues of the Batman title, I was kinda let down as it was a very slow build. However the payoff in #24 is simply gripping, and explosive. Both with the writing and the art. This is a Batman story where I hear Kevin Conroy in my head, and other DCAU voices for character’s like Gordon and Alfred. I got every single beat of this issue, and I love how Edward Nygma comes back into play.

I love how Bruce’s detective work ties back into his childhood, and the way that those moments are shown. Honestly this will be a very short review for me, because there are only so many times I can say that it’s awesome!!!!!! For those of us that felt Zero Year might make us throw Batman out of our Pull Bags, well Batman #24 reignites the awesomeness that we have known Snyder to craft. I guess you need that slow build up to get something this awesome. I can’t wait to see what they do with next month’s issue #25!!!

Batman #24 Page 1

Steve’s Review of Batman #24:

At this point I was ready to drop the comic. However after Mike’s persuasion I decided to go out and grab the issue. Can’t say I was disappointed with the decision either. From cover to cover this issue was great. Showing Bruce finally putting on the Bat suit was epic. Not only do we discover the Batcave here but the early renditions of the cowl which is reminiscent of the BTAS one while in the shadows. I was also impressed with the illuminating history here with Red Hood One and the eventual end of his brood. In addition we see Gordon attempt to arrest Batman and by the end The Riddler deals his puzzling blow to darken Gotham.

Batman #24 Page 2

Mike’s Final Thoughts:

Batman fans this is an issue you must pick up! Regardless of the $6.99 sticker price. It’s that much, because it’s like buying two comics in one. I freakin’ loved the story, the art, everything about it!!!!! There’s absolutely nothing that irked me about the issue, and thus it gets a five outta five stars from me.

Batman #24 Page 3

Steve’s Final Thoughts:

If you were waiting for a renewed reason to believe in the Batman or ZERO YEAR issues, this is it. The story ramps up, the introduction of 3 new characters in Batman, Riddler and the hinting of Red Hood One make this a truly worthwhile story to tell. So all in all very impressed here and I can’t wait to see where this comic goes over the course of ZERO YEAR’s span.

Batman #24 Page 4

Mike’s Final Rating: 


Steve’s Final Rating:


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