Review of Batman #25 – ZERO YEAR! Dark City Part 2

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Batman #25 continues the Dark City Saga in Batman’s ZERO YEAR!!!! Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo craft The NEW 52 Origin of The Batman! TFG1Mike gives you a SPOILER FREE review of the second chapter in Dark City. Let the ZERO YEAR continue, and here we go!

Bat #25 Zero Year Cover

The Batman #25 cover is an interesting way to reuse the issue #21 cover. With the changes being that #25 is embossed. Plus it signifies the whole plan of The Riddler, who last issue plunged Gotham into Darkness!


Batman #25 is not as action packed as issue #24 was. It’s basically dealing with Gotham being blacked out. There are several twists and turns along the way though. A few which I was not expecting. We do come out of the gate with a Batmobile chase! So that was cool and interesting, and it was fun to read the Cops reactions to what the Batmobile actually does in the issue. The story advances nicely, and I love how Snyder writes the interactions between Alfred and Bruce. The art is stellar by Greg Capullo and his team. Really love the design of the “first” Batmobile, and the way Bruce, as well as the other characters look against the backgrounds. There’s a moment in the art where it shocked even me, even though I know within the story what Bruce was gonna do. It was very awesome, you’ll have to read the issue for yourself to see what it was. I understand in the narrative you need expositional parts of the story, however we came off such a fever pitch pace last month, and we get this? It’s not as slow as issues #22 and #23, but it’s not a fast paced as #24 was. With this being Dark City Part 2 I guess that is the point. Most middle arcs of stories take the time to explain stuff to you. I just didn’t have that OH MY GOD  this is awesome moment reading this, than when I read the previous issue. I’m hoping that Batman #26 gets back to fast paced action and storytelling.


Final Thoughts:

Batman #25 is GOOD, but it’s not the BEST part of Zero Year. I’m hoping in future issues, and as the story progresses I’ll see more of the stuff that I enjoyed in issue #24. Finally I have to say this…. Batman #25 was $4.99 FOR THE REGULAR COVER. It has the same 40 pages as previous regular issues have had. I really do not like price increases just because of an embossed cover.



Mike’s Final Rating: 


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