Review of Batman #26 – ZERO YEAR – Dark City Part 3

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Batman #26 is here! DARK CITY continues within the ZERO YEAR!! This will be a SPOILER FREE Review!!!

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After reading the issue, I finally understand the cover design. It’s cool, but not one of my favorite Batman New 52 covers. When I first saw it, I was like dang that seems weird for a cover design. I also have to say, before I go into detail, that I’m still back to my hum brum feelings about the ZERO YEAR. So far out of issues 21-26 #24 was the best one.

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Scott Snyder is an excellent writer, but ZERO YEAR is taking to damn long. I actually had to go back and read issue #25 to even remember who Death was. This whole story is turning into something weird, off the wall, strange, and honestly I’m not really liking it. I wish that ZERO YEAR never even happened at this point, and we need to go back to the current timeline. What I did like about this issue was the animosity between Gordon and Wayne, that was awesome. The rest is just too damn strange for me. And no, I’m not being cryptic when I say strange, alluding to Hugo Strange. It’s just plain strange. Maybe I’m not following the story properly or something, but the writing is ok…. it’s just not the story I want so far.

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I was expecting something more out of ZERO YEAR, and only issue #24 has given me that. Maybe my brain is comprehending what Snyder is trying to do, but a 12 month long event is wayyy too long in the case of this story. Now come to find out ZERO YEAR WILL BE ON HOLD FOR A MONTH… UGH NO! I get what Snyder is saying about how he felt that Batman #28 was too cramped, but putting it off to set up Batman Eternal and the other 2014 Bat Family plans… NO JUST NO!

Batman 26 Page 3


Even though I have major issues with the writing of this Zero Year issue…. the art is amazing! Greg Capullo and his team make this issue explode with colors! Still love the Batsuit design, although the purple gloves threw me off a few times in this issue. The character of Death is looking super creepy as he should, and the splashes of orange, red, and bluish green throughout the issue are all very well done.

Batman 26 Page 4

I’m not sure what it is, but Fox looks weird to me in this. I understand that this is supposed to be 6 years in the past, but I’ve never seen Lucius drawn or colored this way. not that I have an issue with it, it’s just something different that I hadn’t seen before. I do really love the title page, which you can see above. I think it’s a cool and interesting way to design an image around the book’s title and credits.

Batman 26 Page 5

Final Thoughts:

Let me be  PERFECTLY CLEAR HERE……….. I’m not giving Batman #26 a three star barely passing rating because of the art. It gets that ranking because of the story. I just didn’t like it. While I’ll stick it out with Batman ongoing for now, and it will be still covered inside The Pull Bag, I’ll no longer be writing up reviews of this title. I’m just not enjoying it enough to do so.

Final Rating:


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