Review of Batman #28 – GOTHAM ETERNAL!

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Batman #28 is here! GOTHAM is Eternal! We get a preview of what will be happening in Batman’s future. This will be a SPOILER FREE Review!!!

So someone is locked up! That’s obvious by issue 28’s cover. And with the confirmation that Stephanie Brown was gonna be introduced into the new 52, this preview of the Future of Batman has it all. My initial negativity towards this issue HAD NOTHING to do with whatever story Snyder and Tynion would be crafting. It had more to do with the fact that it was gonna put ZERO YEAR off by a month. I understand why it was done, but I still disagree with it. To me as a NEW reader of comics full time… I felt that they were jerking me around. HEY here’s the Batman origin for the new 52 in ZERO YEAR! Then oh WAIT… stop… slam on the brakes! Here reader while we have been giving you 6 years previous… now check out Batman’s future……Someone PLEASE take the Delorean keys away from Scott Snyder. SERIOUSLY I have nothing against the man, and I really enjoyed issue #28. But this whole ZERO YEAR thing is one giant mess. I find myself enjoying Synder’s writing in the here and now, or in the future moreso than in ZERO YEAR!

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The variant cover this month is a part of DC’s Steampunk month. I kinda like it better than the regular cover. Although I’ve never been that much into steampunk themed anything. Steampunk Batman looks badass.

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So Harper Row is back! The stage is set in Gotham soon….The story here is very well written. My biggest fear after the death of that Wayne kid, was that they were gonna stick Harpo in the Nightwing persona….luckily that isn’t the case. Sure her outfit looks like NW’s blue costume days, but she is a whole NEW sidekick for Batman. I really like that. As I rad through the issue I found myself really enjoying it. Because for me it was a brand new story. I like things that are brand new and shiny… don’t we all?

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As the story progresses I found myself wondering ok who is this Kingpin of Crime in Gotham? Not that I was expecting Wilson Fisk, after that’s the Marvel Universe. However as I read though this issue I was kinda hoping that they might homage him. They do in a certain way, but to find out who organized the underworld of Gotham, was both surprising, and a very interesting plot twist. I did enjoy how Snyder and Tynion write the relationship between Harper Row and Batman. I’m hoping that the writing here will continue in Eternal come this April. Because I love everything about this future of Batman.

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One of the reasons why Bat 28 is this look forward to Eternal is because Snyder and DC wanted to give Greg Capullo extra time to finish the first chapter of SAVAGE CITY inside ZERO YEAR. I really enjoy Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs’ art and coloring here. It is very well done. Even though I’m not a fan of Harper Row’s design in costume, ya know the Mrs. T. look with the mohawk. I can look past that and really love the backgrounds, colors, and character designs. Batman in certain panels looks off to me as far as his cowl and costume goes. That’s probably just because it isn’t the Capullo design. I won’t take points off for it though, but I thought I’d point it out.

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Final Thoughts:

All righty then!!! FINALLY a Batman issue I’m excited about, and really enjoyed reading cover to cover. Go grab this one from your LCS, or wherever you get your digital comics. So happy I can finally give Batman a perfect score.

Final Rating:


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