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In Batman ’66 #2 we have two brand new stories. This time around The Penguin and Mr. Freeze team up, plus see Robin the Boy Wonder get kissed!

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It is time once again to enter Gotham City, and see what terrible terrors the Dynamic Duo have to dispose with this time!

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Jeff Parker continues to excel at bringing the TV Series characters to 2-D! As stated above there are two stories in this issue, one involving the Penguin and Mr. Freeze team-up, and the other involving the Siren and her song. While reading the first story I can totally hear Burgess Meredith’s voice when I read the Penguin’s lines. Just as I hear the actor’s who played the Commissioner and Chief, as well as Burt Ward and Adam West. The writing is simply amazing. The string of clever rhythms  that Parker puts together is what really sells me on the writing here. Even the lines the Dunamic Duo have fit the characters so well. I’ll say this, because I’m not that familiar with Mr. Freeze from the 60’s show I didn’t really get invested too much into his character.

The same goes for the second story, while it’s a great story, and has it’s comical moments, because I wasn’t that exposed to the Siren I just didn’t care about the character. I’m sure once more Catwoman, Joker, and so on get stories written for them, I’ll enjoy it more. However I will say that I do like the variety of the evildoers!

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Ty Templeton and Jonathan Case’s art is simply awesome! I love the design on the BAT-SUB, and the backgrounds of the city are so well done. Look at the page above, Emperor Penguin looks JUST LIKE his actor Burgess Meredith from the show. the colors and accents are so spot on. I’m really loving the art in these new stories!!!!! I love the covers Mike & Laura Allred are doing, simply fantastic!!!

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Final Thoughts:

Overall I enjoyed reading this issue, and I’m still excited to read the next one. If you are a fan of Batman ’66 the TV Series, you will definitely get some enjoyment out of these new adventures!!!!

Final Rating:

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