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In Batman ’66 #4 we have a TWO PARTER story. Holy headgear Batman! In part one we see the Mad Hatter in London! In Part Two it all comes down to timing for the dynamic duo! This will be a SPOILER FREE review!

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I hadn’t realized the cover I saved for this review was the variant! You can find the Regular Cover here! However this time around we aren’t even in Gotham! The Caped Crusaders head to London!

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Jeff Parker continues to write amazing 1960s Bat stories! Sure last issue I was kinda meh on the second story, the one after the Joker. However here in issue 4 I loved both stories. Just the way the holy hat gear lines from Robin read, I can hear Burt Ward in my head saying the lines. The story follows the Mad Hatter as he is in London creating chaos! I’m not sure HOW much I can actually say about the story other than that. Because as stated above it’s a spoiler free review! The characters that are used in Lodon are awesome. However there are several times where I KNOW british people are smarter than what is portrayed here. This isn’t a spoiler, but I have to say that this line made Brits sound incredibly dumb….. “Is that the American Batman? Is he here to attack us?” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? From what I’ve seen of this style of Batman storytelling in the TV series… everyone knows that Batman is a good old chum, and he’s there to protect everyone. Granted I’m nitpicking here, but still that almost offended me, and I’m not even British! I do love how certain elements of Gotham are retained. You’ll have to read the issue to see what I mean.

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jonathan Case continues to excel at putting the Bat 66 characters in 2-D! The second story’s art was done by Sandy Jarrell, and it is also very well done. There is so much to talk about with this issues art, yet at the same time I don’t think I can. Simply because some stuff will be spoiled. i’ll say this, there’s a damn awesome NEW vehicle in the stories. in this issue there were times when I noticed Batman and Robin to almost LOOK real. By this I mean it was like Case and Jarrell had Adam West and Burt Ward on their drawing tables! The Lodon setting was perfectly drawn and colored, and it felt like I was swinging along with the heroes as I read the book.

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Final Thoughts:

I really enjoyed reading these two stories! And still what I’m most waiting for is when Batgirl shows up! As I’ve said previously if you were a fan of the old TV show you are gonna wanna read these comics!!!

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Final Rating:


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