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Batman and Robin Annual #2 is here! This is a Year One Adventure with Batman and the original Robin … Dick Grayson! This will be a SPOILER FILLED Review YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

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Since starting comics reading full time in October 2012, most of you whom might be reading this know I LOATHE the character of Damian Wayne. In turn I almost… ALMOST mind you start to hate Batman, because of this child he’s had with Talia. HELLO this kid is walking the tightest of tightropes… be a Bat Junior, or fill the shoes of a madman in Ras’ Al Ghul. Having said that the times that I have … dare I say it enjoyed reading DW, was when he was interacting with Dick Grayson/Nightwing.

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Don’t get me wrong Damian is still the single most annoying Bat character to me, but I see more of a father son relationship between Grayson and him… versus Bruce and Damian. So this Annual is all about Dick’s storytelling, and the fact that he is a showman!

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Really enjoyed Tomasi’s story here. Again as I said above, I think that the true father-son relationship is between Grayson and Damian. Maybe it’s the fact that Dick knows what Damian is going through having to deal with Batman as a father. So the story goes on here, telling us the NEW 52 origin of Dick Grayson/Robin’s first week as Batman’s Ward! We can clearly see that Damian doesn’t really wanna hear it, but Dick tells him anyways. What I find most interesting about this issue is that it shows the grown Grayson has had since he was Robin. I also enjoyed the fact that he couldn’t wait to get out of school to go crime fighting with Batman. While on that first night, I understand WHY Batman wanted to have Dick at a safe distance, but really Batman would have been dead if Robin didn’t join in the fight. I also love how Tomasi writes the characters. He brings back the BTAS episodes in my head with Batman and Robin fighting crime.

As far as Damian as Robin… he was ok here, he wasn’t as annoying as I’ve found him to be in the past. I do like his snarky attitude sometimes too. Especially when he’s mouthing off to Grayson.

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LOVE the art in this. Doug Mahnke along with Pat Gleason do this book justice! Love all the colors, the change in tones as the story moves along. Really love Grayson’s Week One costume, and the fact that he wanted to become Nightwing right away. I love how all the colors pop, and the character designs are very well done. I don’t think that there is anything I could find wrong with the art. I guess if I was nitpicking I’d say Bruce looks kinda off, but it didn’t bother me as much as I thought. Maybe it was the design choice, Bruce here looks to me like a VERY young Adam West. Not saying that’s a bad thing, but it’s just a WEIRD design choice in my mind.

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Final Thoughts:

The final thought for this is, GO GET IT!!! It’s pretty damn good. I really enjoyed reading it, and it did surprise me in a few places, but that is a good thing. Gotta give it a perfect for the writing and art all meshed together very well.

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Final Rating:


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