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Batman Beyond 2.0

BBU #15 Cover

Batman Beyond 2.0 Chapter 15 is here! Kyle Higgins, the masterful Nightwing Scribe continues writing a great tale in the Beyond Universe, and this time we get the FINAL chapter in the Bat-Men saga! The struggle for redemption, and second chances is what you will find here in this story! This will be a SPOILER FREE  Review! 

BBU #15 Title Page

The Bat-Men “Second Chances” Part 7 of 7

So continuing from chapter 14, we are seeing that Kirk has run out of time, and is ready to destroy Gotham! Bruce and Terry attempt to reason with him, but once a man’s mind is made up… it’s made up!

BBU #15 Page 1


not that I was struggling on the terms of how Kyle Higgins wrapped this up, but it was kinda shocking how the end came back around to the beginning. You’ll just have to read the issue yourself to see what I mean in regards to Kirk Langstrom’s story. And yay Grayson is back with us! WHERE Was he all this time???? Again love how Kyle writes these characters! He starts with the DCAU base, and then crafts them to the stories he wants to tell. That is just amazing writing.

BBU #15 Page 2

I’m so looking forward to the next story arc. THIS one was awesome, but the next one seems to be focussed a little bit more on Babs and Dick, and I’m so happy about that. Overall in this seven part arc Kyle gave us a NEW and interesting history with the original Man-Bat from BTAS, and he threw in several minor answers as to where Bruce and Terry stand. In this chapter specifically I love how the fact that Bruce GAVE Dick the earplugs, forces Terry and Dick to have the conversation that they do in this chapter. Bruce always gets what he wants most of the time. Bring on the next arc! I know Kyle will be ramping up the story even more, and especially with the Justice Lords Crossover.


BBU #15 Page 3

Thony Silas and his team once again to an amazing job with everything in this chapter. There was nothing that I found I disliked with the art, the colors, or anything. I love how electrifying this issue gets, and I love that Terry puts the suit back on. What I’m most interested to see from this team of artists is how the title page will look for the next arc. I thought that the image, lettering, and colors on this arcs title pages were amazing!!!

BBU #15 Page 4

Final Thoughts/Rating:

As usual….My final thought is STOP READING THIS, if you haven’t already, and go get BATMAN BEYOND 2.0 Chapter 15. It’s the seventh and final chapter for the Bat-Men arc! All within the Batman Beyond Universe, and you won’t wanna miss a second of it! You can find it on the DC Comics App or Comixology or wherever you get your digital comics. Batman Beyond 2.0 continues to go beyond all expectations!


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