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Batman Beyond 2.0

Bat Beyond Chapter 25 Cover

Bat Beyond 2.0 Chapter 25 begins the LONG awaited answers that we have been wanting!!! This new arc also marks the return of the Phantasm! This will be a slightly SPOILER FILLED  Review! 

BBU #25 Title Page Mark of the Phantasm 1-7

Mark of the Phantasm Part 1 of 7 “Marked Soul”

So it has been awhile since I read Adam Beechen’s run, and Alex Antone told me to do a refresher, so I wouldn’t be confused as I was after reading part of this chapter. Rereading 10,000 Clowns was a good idea, at least the part that matters to this story. See back then Beechen crafted part of Warren McGinnis’s death that we hadn’t seen in the cartoon series. He added a character called Jake Chill (YES a grand nephew of Joe Chill)! It’s all about continuity people, and Kyle Higgins not only calls back and continues Beechen’s run…. he brings back an old BTAS favorite! The Phantasm!!!!

BBU #25 Page 1

I have to say that any time creative team members change I’m super skeptical about whether I’ll like the new team’s vision. At least in the art. Phil Hester joins the Beyond team, as a majority of this arc is told in flashbacks. So Phil Hester is on the flashbacks, and Thony Silas is on the present day stuff. This makes me very happy, that there’s just an artist exchange. That it’s someone joining the team to build on what has already been done.

BBU #25 Page 2


What I’d like to know is how much of the writing is done by Higgins and Siegel each. Is it a fully on collaboration or do each of the writers write certain parts of a chapter. I’m assuming fully on collaboration, but it’d be nice to know for sure. I have to say it was kinda weird reading this first chapter. Mostly because I had forgotten all about Jake. I have to say that it seems this chapter went by awfully fast. I know it’s only about ten pages or so, but still I was reading it and then BAM! next on Batman Beyond came up. I do love the beginning and Terry visiting his father’s grave. That’s a great continuation from the end of the Justice Lords arc. As it should be, and then we get to one year ago……

BBU #25 Page 3

So we get to see the RETURN of the JOKERZ from Batman Beyond Return of the Joker that is just awesome right there. Although at first I had a continuity question as I was reading the beginning of the flashback. Because in the JLU 2 part episode “The Once and Future Thing” it shows Chucko being left back in the dinosaur age right before they became extinct. So I was a bit confused to see him here, then I remembered what Batman said at the end of the two parter… “The timeline has been restored to equilibrium.” Which I can only assume that Chucko didn’t die as we see him here. As far as the story in this first chapter the writing is superbly done, it’s like Siegel and Higgins have one voice. I really can’t tell the difference between them as writers here. The dialogue between the Jokerz and Batman is spot on, and we see Vigilant again, which is nice. That actually starts the mystey behind this whole story. Even though we as the readers know what had happened. I think the journey we are gonna go on in these seven chapter’s is seeing how Terry deals with everything.


BBU #25 Page 4

As I said at the beginning of this review I wasn’t too sure about a NEW artist coming in, but now that I know Thony Silas has the present day art duties, and Phil Hester has the flashbacks, I’m ok and very stoked about this. The art itself is amazingly beautiful. The backgrounds, colors, and character designs are all well executed.

BBU #25 Page 5

The image above here^ I love that top down shadowy kind of effect between the Jokerz and Batman! That is one amazing piece of art right there!!!! Let’s talk about the Phantasm’s design shall we? Because this is set in the DC Animated Universe, I was so not worried about how she’d look…. Of course we have no idea who is under the mask at the moment. I love the design on the character, and I am eagerly awaiting more scenes with The Pantasm.

BBU #25 Page 7

Final Thoughts:

This book has become a larger story altogether. I think it feels like it’s on a grander scale, with the ending of JL Beyond, and this going weekly. I have wanted this title to be weekly since issue #1! now I have that, and I can’t wait for every new issue on Saturday. I do think that this is a great jumping on point for NEW readers. However if you’ve been a long time fan of the DCAU this will be right up your alley as well.  You should  go get BATMAN BEYOND 2.0 Chapter 25. This is the first chapter out of seven that are dedicated to this arc. It calls back, and builds upon so many things! All within the Batman Beyond Universe, and you won’t wanna miss a second of it! You can find it on the DC Comics App or Comixology or wherever you get your digital comics. Batman Beyond 2.0 continues to go beyond all expectations!

BBU #25 Page 8

Review Overview

Beyond All Expectations!

Mark of The Phantasm begins to explain everything!

This is the fourth overall arc in Batman Beyond 2.0, and it just keeps getting better and better. Kyle Higgins, Alec Siegel, Phil Hester, and Thony Silas all knock it outta the park with this first part of this story arc. You really wanna be reading this trust me!

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