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Batman Beyond 2.0

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Bat Beyond 2.0 Chapter 26 is here! The Phantasm has Jake Chill in her sights and her grasp!  This will be a slightly SPOILER FILLED  Review! 

BBU #26 Title Page Mark of the Phantasm 1-7

Mark of the Phantasm Part 2 of 7 “True Crimes”

So after Chapter 25 and rereading 10,000 Clowns…. I’m all caught up on the continuity here. And wow this series just keeps getting better and better!!! I really am digging Phil Hester’s art, and the new inker Eric Gapstur to the series are very awesome. In this instance of these artists working on flsahbacks, I will not throw my normal tantrum about the artists changing. Because all the changed was the timeline, so new creators could work on the book. I’m still not sure of the split if any in the writing duties between Higgins and Seigel. Still absolutely loving every minute of this….. now onto the review!

BBU #26 Page 1


BBU #26 Page 2

In the second part of Mark of the Phantasm we find that things aren’t what they seem. At least not when it comes to the Phantasm. We are left wondering if it’s still Andrea Beaumont, or a NEW person under the awesome costume! Higgins and Siegel open this hapter with writing a story event that sees what has happenwed AFTER “Return of the Joker”. It’s a heart wrenching scene for several reasons. First off great to see how dedicated the writers are to the DCAU, and secondly… anything with DCAU Alfred aka Efrem Zimbalist Jr’s character in it is very sad. At least to me it is, but I’m glad that they are keeping the spirit of what Efrem crafted in the voice of Alfred Pennyworth.

I was wondering how long it would take them to have the truth revealed to Terry, about his Dad’s death. Kyle and Alec do not was words or time with bringing the events to light here in this second chapter. That’s the greatest thing about this Batman Beyond series, they don’t pull any punches, and when everything is so upfront you really get a better sense about the events that will unfold. I still have lots of questions after reading this chapter, but I’m sure that as it progresses it will all unfold nicely. Again the writing is superb, well crafted, and I love how the exposition (what little there is) is done by the radio transmissions between Bruce and Terry. Kyle and Alec are doing all the right things here. They are giving us punches to the gut, as well as holding back on the mystery of these events. It’s absolutely wonderful.

BBU #26 Page 3


Craig Rousseau, Phil Hester, and Eric Gapstur are all amazing on the art. Just look at that split screen ^ right there that is awesome! Love the way The Phantasm is designed, especially when there’s a closeup on “her” face. The background colors all flow well, and O love how Phil is drawing the Batsuit. It looks great!!! The “THEN” scene that opens this chapter is just heart wrenchingly good art. From the shadows in the Bat Cave to the emotion on Alfred and Barbara’s faces. Then there is the stubble and lack of emotion on Bruce’s face as he sits at the Bat Computer. These artists do DCAU very well, and I have no complaints about the art.

BBU #26 Page 4

Final Thoughts:

This story just keeps getting better and better!!!! It really does go Beyond All Expectations! I did feel like this chapter went a little quick, but not as fast as Chapter 25 was. While reading via Comixology’s Guided View… I started on page 1 and then BAM it’s over! Maybe it was me being a fast reader I dunno. It’s not a bad thing that this chapter went fast. I don’t mean to say that the pacing was off. I guess for me I am ready to devour all this story has to offer.  You should  go get BATMAN BEYOND 2.0 Chapter 26. This is the second chapter out of seven that are dedicated to this arc. It calls back, and builds upon so many things! All within the Batman Beyond Universe, and you won’t wanna miss a second of it! You can find it on the DC Comics App or Comixology or wherever you get your digital comics. Batman Beyond 2.0 continues to go beyond all expectations!

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